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Blue collar workers is the spine of The United States. In the article “Blue Collar Brilliance”, the writer Mike Rose tells us blue collar jobs should not be viewed as a thoughtless task, but rather should be notice for the amount of effort and intelligence these tasks required. What the writer basically means is that blue collar workers have knowledge and skills from the social dynamics of the workplace itself. Mike Rose argument is that we judge people based off their education and not giving them enough recognition. Although, blue collar workers develop different type of skills, “Blue Collar Brilliance” is an article that make sure we understand the importance of blue collar workers and how formal education does not intervene with someone’s intellegience.
Blue Collar work requires just as much smarts as a job that requires a high school or college diploma and should be noticed for their work. In “Blue Collar Brilliance”, Rose denies the assumption that “Intelligence is closely associated with formal education” (Rose, 247)

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