Bomb a buzzing sound in my ear.

Bomb blast at Sibi railway station was the day that I will never forget. The train was Jaffer Express and I was travelling with my elder brother and uncle. The situation of Baluchistan was very critical at that time because of terrorism. The train was expected to be at Sibi before 5pm but she was late and reached 10pm. A lot of People including us get out of the train. Many of them were moving toward food stalls, while I and my brother were roaming around. Suddenly I heard a loud explosion, I staggered and for a moment there was a buzzing sound in my ear. We and the people standing beside us were thinking, what’s just happened. I am thankful to Almighty Allah that I was very far away from that stall were the bomb was exploded, at the same time I feel sorry for those who are no more with us now. There were army soldiers everywhere and they asked us to get back on train as soon as possible. We all were expecting that the train will not run, but after half an hour of explosion the train start moving toward her destination with a lot of army soldiers. I was filled with a lot of fear and couldn’t sleep that night. Now six years passed, but that scene is still fresh in my mind.

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