Book one nation says that there is no

Book one under right and wrong tries to bring out the fact that
morality exists in the world; he gives an instance of where two nations
disagree over treaties, one nation says that there is no treaty then later on
claims that a certain treaty they want to break is unfair. If there is an
unfair treaty that means there is also a reverse which is a fair one, which
then implies there is right and wrong.

People normally disagree based on their opinion on a certain moral
issue and not on the fact that there is indeed existence of standard measure of
morality. The rule about right or wrong was called the law of nature, which
today refers to gravity, matters of heredity or the law of chemistry. The law
of nature is such that human beings can in no way go against it, while that is
not true because what the ancient thinkers meant to refer to is the Law of
Human Nature. This is the law that govern man.

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Humans have a choice to uphold or violate this law and we are all
guilty of breaking it at some point. The law describes what humans ought to do
either to be good or to be bad. The moment we are caught violating the law,
start to give excuse which is an indication that deep within us we know there
is the law. Some people claim that the idea of doing what is right or wrong is
learnt from education; Lewis explains, if that was the case then that would
mean that it could be made different if the parents wished to. The moment we
say one thing is better than another it clearly shows that there is a standard
to it, one closely meets the standard than the other.

If we want to know if there really exists a controlling power over
the universe then we must know that just as the architect of a house is not a
door or a window, the maker of the universe cannot live with us only within us.

In book two, Lewis says that it is wrong for Christians to think
that other religions are wrong but then states that there is only one answer to
a math problem though other answers might be close.  The issue that brings major division among
human beings is the issue of religion: Christians who are the majority and the
rest who compose of the minority. Some people such as the Jews, Muslims and
Christians believe that there is good and evil and God rewards good over evil
and he is the maker of the universe: the pantheism believe that God is beyond
good and evil such as the Hindus, they add that everything in the universe is

He explains that if a painter does a good painting, he does not
become the painting but merely put his thoughts and imagination to make a good
painting. God made up the world and anything in it.  These differences lead us to ask that if God
is so good, how anything in the universe can be wrong. But if we say the
universe has bad things in it, it means we are comparing it to something we
call right. Since wrong exist then it means there is a being who controls the
good and the wrong and he has given us free will. This means Christians have
been given the right to choose but in the end it has consequences and rewards.

Book three explains to us how people see God as one who is always
following them around to catch them on the wrong. He mentions that it is better
to have laws that keep us in check rather than to have vague ideas. Though we
can never manage to be perfect, there are rules we must conform to though there
are no ideals when it to moral issues. Morality guides both our righteousness
and how we interact with each other, for Christians it is to guide our path to

 There are three things
involved in morality, harmony with others, harmony within ourselves and with
our creator. He states that one must always do good and be a good person which
are two distinct ideologies. We are more than the sum of our actions, the more
we do something good the more it becomes part of us and vice versa.

Christ wants us to be harmless and wise with a mature brain, but God
will not love you any less if you had a less sensible brain because he made you
that way but you must use the senses you have fully.

According to the message in all the four chapters it is evident that
Lewis is just trying to explain what Christianity is, who God is, What God
likes and what he thinks God expects of his people. He does not have any
concrete evidence of what he is saying rather, he is just giving his opinion
and theories. He tries to simply explain his thoughts on the whole concept of
Christianity with the simplest way possible by breaking it down into four

According to the teachings of Lewis, and the fact that he has
explained the existence of good and evil, it is therefore safe to say that God
likes what is good and detests evil. We cannot live oblivious of the fact that
if we do wrong we will get punished for it since there is an alternative to do
good and live a life of piety. By worshiping Christ, Christians can be able to
experience the life of Christ and become sons of God and go to heaven. In
heaven people lose their earthly personality and unite with others to love and
worship God: he equates this to the way the human body various organs that
unite together to function and keep one alive.

It made sense to me that as much as living a perfect life can be
challenging it is very possible if we want to. It involves what one does
internally and externally i.e. to self and to others. Christians must be ready
to sacrifice the human desires and their way of life to get to sainthood and go
to heaven. Christianity is not like an automatic button that one presses and
turns to a perfect, nice and loving person, they have to consciously change
their life and agree to follow the morality law.

They have to exercise their free will to choose how they behave and
react to things around them. Lewis ends by telling people not to be afraid of
salvation, they should allow themselves to lose their individuality and be one
with God since that is the only place where one can lead a fulfilling life.

It has helped me to understand that I am also not perfect as a
person, Christian life is one that continues to evolve and will only achieve
perfection in heaven.  To other
Christians it offers me a reason to understand why they behave the way they do
and that is because God gave us free will. They all have to keep working on
themselves every day, choose to do good, choose to believe that God exists so
that they purpose to stick on the path to salvation.

What will change in my life is the fact that I will be more
conscious about my actions and aim for perfection. I know by my actions only I
will remain sinful and my mere obedience is not enough to please God. Through
my power of free will, I will choose to believe in Christ and he will make me
perfect. It has also taught me to live a life of chastity and once I get
married, I will be loyal and respect my partner and also remain married till

I will also maintain faith that my good morals will lead me to being
accepted in heaven. Then I will be praying and worshiping and reading the bible
so that I have a constant reminder to remain focus to the high calling in Jesus



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