Book much personal property and the gold watch

Book review
Title :The Brothers
Author :Bjornstjerne Bjornson
“The Brothers” is a compilation of the classic story by the world’s greatest writer. This story have been carefully chosen to showcase the authors credulity and skill as a story teller .The schoolmaster’s name was Baard, and he had a brother named as Ander. Baard and Ander are enlisted together, served in the same company and both rank of corporal. Everyone felt jealous on these brothers .Unexpected happened ,their father died. He left much personal property and the gold watch which is costliest compared to all other. The both brothers shared everything and divided into two half shares without any consequences. But they have an issue in sharing the treasure of the large “Gold watch”.Baard tried to grab the watch from his brother and finally Baard bargained the watch for 100 dollars. His brother Ander left the place and said “The watch is yours and you can have it”.

Ander got married into a crofter’s family. He did not invite his brother for his wedding. Days goes on, they lead a peaceful life. In his first anniversary ,he lost his only cow. In other hand misfortunes befell him, and he fared from bad to worse like “The tale of two cities” .The heaviest blow came when his hayloft get burned down one night in the dead of winter. No one don’t know about the incident “How it can be happened? “.In the meanwhile Baard had fared. As soon as possible he went to meet his brother and asked him about the incident. Baard tried to help his brother but Ander” Avoid him to the core”. Anders asked his brother to leave him alone. After a little he got up to go out. Baard had hide behind the woodshed and he notice his brother “How his brother facing hurdles and tackling the problem without getting anyone’s help? “.Ander gives bombastic speech and arguing with his wife about his brother while he was standing out of the door. One day they met each other face to face in hearing, Baard wore his good clothes but Anders in out rags. In the breeze morning one poor lady came to Baard home and asked him to come with her. Then only, he came to know that the unknown lady was his brother’s wife. He saw his brother lying in the bed and his child eating charcoal. The child look black over by the hearth and the little child laughed and show his white teeth. Baard stood out of the doorway and he felt happy .Baard hanged the pretty gold watch in the stick hardly it burned along with the hayloft .And everyone witnessed the regular visiting activities of the Baard and compiled to his brother and it made anger .

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Baard felt a strange odour which made him to feel ill. Baard’s knees trembled. He sat down in front of this brothers foot at the bed and apologize for his mistake .Baard can’t control his weeping. The sick man looked at him intently and said nothing. And the brothers began to talk each other. Anders was ill and he can’t speak for the long while. But Anders said “Now I’m perfectly well”.

Anders last words and he wish to live with his brother together always, just as old days, and never leave each other. He died at the fraction of second. At last, Baard Became more responsible . And Baard grew in strength of mind by reason of all their friendliness .He resign his head master job, in order to take care of his brothers child. Owing to his loving character, he impressed and became the next father to his brothers child.

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