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Borders and limitations have always been the cradlers of divide. While the issue of physical borders impeding global development is flagrant, I believe there is much more to it. Borders can extend to being abstract entity; that is more subtle and dangerous. A seemingly well knit society enclosed in a border can be scribbled with such borders, the borders of prejudice. The limits are right there. Why else would the Mughal Empire, are large and prosperous nation, fall? It fell at the hands of Marathas and Rajputs, despite Akbar trying to amend things. The Hindus triumphed over the Muslim rule. Even today, bigotry is the limit; it is the border keeping us apart. Why else would the United Nations face such difficulties dealing with crises all over the world? Everyone thinks that violence is bad, but when it comes down to it, many refuse. Because why would they help someone who’s DIFFERENT? India has been filled to the brim religious prejudice. Hindus and Muslims have been up at each other’s throats for centuries. The Holocaust? The crusades? It is the same play just with different casts. The motive is to simply rid of people who believe in a different deity. History is rife with violence in name of “god”. While being the number one offender, religious prejudice is not the only big fish in the pool. Racial prejudice seats comfortably at second place. Again the Nazis can be accused here. One of the biggest blemishes in American history is slavery, where people of color suffered dearly. A five year long war had to be waged until slavery was abolished. And yet, the borders persisted. The Civil Rights Movement, a protest lasting over a decade finally managed to break the barriers by law. And even then remnants linger to this day. Another interesting example is the Liberation War between Bangladesh and Pakistan. Bangladesh, formerly known as East Pakistan, was tied with West Pakistan, the oppressor, by religion. Both were Muslim majority countries and yet, the West considered themselves racially superior. And hence conflict ensued.Gender prejudice has been consistently present in all cultures. It is arguably the most widespread and discreet; it lurks during peacetime as well. And although western society is wriggling out of its maw, we have a long way to go. Rape, genital mutilation, child marriage, sex slavery, the list of offenses against the fairer sex goes on and on. Sexism is a plague so egregious that the United Nations has a separate committee to tend to those matters alone.The borders exist in other forms as well. Homophobia, transphobia, ableism was just a few more. Homosexual people are killed or forced to take hormones. Handicapped individuals suffer ridicule and discrimination. Transgender people are considered second class citizens. Prejudice is a beast with long claws. These are our limits- the invisible borders that dwell in our minds. If we cannot cross them we will never achieve unity. And without unity we are just another animal species on the face of the planet, a group of hairless apes engaging in mindless violence. I believe that highlighting these issues will point out the problems blighting us today. And that is what is intend to do. I believe I have the aptitude to clearly shed light on these problems.

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