BotswanaBotswana is the 3rd richest country in

BotswanaBotswana is in Sub-saharan Africa, where it is the 3rd richest country in the continent, based on it Gross Domestic Product. Botswana has a third of the elephant population. The population of Botswana for people is 1.76m. The Botswana people are encroaching too far on the elephants home habitat and are resulting in Elephants leaving their natural habitat. Another problem is poachers. Poachers are killing Elephants and taking there tufts for sale overseas. These issues are resulting in a lower population of Elephants in Botswana.    As the population of humans continues to grow in Botswana, Elephants are being displaced from their natural habitat. The elephants are leaving the country into the surrounding countries. The other countries are starting to have problems because the elephants are going into the towns.”many countries in africa are expected to double in population by 2050.” Elephants leaving their natural habitat or even their designated habitat becomes a problem when the elephants get near humans.  Elephants cause physical property damage and can even sometimes cause injury to the humans they come into contact with.     Poachers are killing the elephants for fun, money or a trophy.  Christina Dell’Amore from National Geographic states, “Illegal killing for ivory is so intense that in 10 years scientists expect to lose 50 percent of africa’s remaining elephant. Often times people travel from other countries to hunt these animals as part of a vacation.  This is not only disruptive for their natural habitat but it also causes issues with the population of Elephants.  Some elephants are mothers and their babies are left without someone to care for them.  Sometimes the poachers kill baby elephants and will leave their bodies to rot.    Poachers also kill elephants for their tufts.  The ivory in their tufts sells for large sums of money overseas where people believe there are holistic properties to the tufts.  Even with laws against the collect and sale of tufts the Elephant population is decreasing quickly.”100 elephants get killed each day.” One in every 10 elephants ends up dead from poachers.  Each year 144,000 elephants get killed for sport or for collection of their tufts.    Botswana has identified the major causes of elephant population decrease.  As Botswana continues to grow in population they will need more successful solutions for Elephant habitats.  Botswana will also need a better solution for keeping elephants safe from poachers and trophy hunters. At the current rate of death, elephants will become endangered soon.  Botswana has the ability to stop this decrease in population with better habitats and better enforcement of the laws to protect elephants.

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