Brand Personality

What is a Brand Personality? Reflecting the collection of experiences that the public has with the brand is brand personality. Much importance is given to consumer’s emotions and connections. The brand’s courage to stand for something is reflected by personality. Brand Personality is what distinguishes one brand from another or a particular brand from a product. Much of the work in the area of brand personality is based on translated theory of human personality and using similar measures of personality attributes and factors.

Brand Personality is the sum total of all the significant tangible and intangible assets that a brand possesses. Creating a brand personality: First and foremost, decision of what personality traits a brand should have must be made. Brand personality can be created through many ways. One way is either the brand personality should match the consumer or to a personality that they like. The process will be 1. Define the target audience 2. Find out what they need, want and like 3.

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Build a consumer personality profile 4. Create the product personality to match that profile Example:Companies such as levis strauss, who research their target audience fastidiously, favour this type of approach. For levis the result is a master-brand personality that is: • Original • Youthful • Free • Individual A related product brand personality for a specific customer group like levis 501 jeans is: • Physical • Resourceful • Independent • Likes being admired Both profiles appeal mostly to the emotional side of people’s minds to their feelings and sensory function.

This profiling approach aims to reinforce the self-concept of the consumers and their aspiration.The approach is ideal for brands that adopt a market-niche strategy, and can be extremely successful if a market segment has a high degree of global homogeneity, as is the case with levis Adding personality is even more important if the task is to create a corporate as opposed to a product brand, as every encounter with the customer gives the opportunity to put across the brand personality. Importance of Brand Personality: It is important for a brand to have a unique personality without which it might otherwise go unnoticed. Brand personality makes the consumer to remember the brand easily.

It not only possess the personality but also the charisma. The definition of brand personality available in literature can be classified in 3 types. 1. Emotion centered definitions (link between cons and brand) 2.

Human centered definitions 3. Others. IMPORTANCE: Brand personalities are important in consumer behavior because the consumer can quickly and easily relate and remember the distinct personalities of that organization; leading to expectations that a consumer can have of a company. “Some people may never get to have the personality of something they aspire  but would like to have a relationship with one.The concept of a relationship between a brand and a person provides a different perspective on how brand personality might work”.

(groups. haas. berkeley. edu) In fact, there are five dimensions of brand personality as described by Jennifer Aker from the Journal of Marketing Research.

Her research provides a framework to describe and measure the “personality” of a brand infive core dimensions. Each personality is divided into a set of attributes. “It is a model to describe the profile of a brand by using an analogy with a human being.She believes that it’s imperative a brand be carefully “humanized” in order to connect with the audience” It is a comprehensive concept, which includes all the tangible and intangible traits of a brand, say beliefs, values, prejudices, features, interests, and heritage. A brand personality makes it unique.

• Brand Personality describes brands in terms of human characteristics. • Brand personality is seen as a valuable factor in increasing brand engagement and brand attachment, in much the same way as people relate and bind to other people. Brand personality encompasses brand voice and brand characteristics.

Brand personality is essential for building a strong brand, creating loyal customers and diversifying form the competition. From a company’s point of view brand personality is a method of communicating the benefits associated with your product, in terms of it’s attributes or of it’s connotations of status. Companies also use brand personality to distinguish the brand from competitors which is essential in today’s saturated domestic markets; brand personality can also be used to create loyal customers by encouraging them to buy your brand through positive associations with the consumers personality which can be either aspirational or actual.Brand personality is communicated over time using all elements of the marketing mix; product, price, promotion and place (distribution). Brand personality, is process of transforming the brand into a person or humanizing the brand. Thus brands can also have characteristics (Ex: Sex, Gender, skills & abilities etc). Marketers deliver the personality using  advertising, features, packaging etc.

Established brands have unique personality   which is generally consistent and may be implicit. Brand personality enables to establish relationship between brand & consumer with emotional content.The degree of proximity between brand and consumer personality, will influence the purchase intension and brand loyalty. Brands need to update personality to stay contemporary and relevant, as target audience personality may change over a period of time, due to changes in cultural, economic, media exposure etc.

Brand personality should not be confused with target audience characteristics. Using of Film stars for the Lux beauty soap is logical and the attractiveness of celebrity is high. This is critical and leads to credibility.Endorser personality gets transferred to the brand . Thumb up soft drink has distinct personality owing to chivalry based ads, which also communicates about user imagery.

The name ‘Marlboro’ evokes Wild West imagery, thanks to ads and consistency of the marketers in maintaining the same brand personality. Ads for multi utility vehicles like Mahendra scorpio , shows the ruggedness personality. Nokia – Powerful technology brand. ‘Nokia’ one the world’s most valuable brand has distinct personality. The slogans. We call this human technology’, ‘only Nokia  human technology enables you to get more out of life’ and ‘connecting people’ emphasize  human side of technology, thereby resulting in brand personality of trusted friend. It also stands for reliability and quality.

The ads also played prominent role in contributing to the distinct personality. The ads of Sprite cool drink primarily positioned on thirst quenching platform, depict  the no nonsense type, down to earth personality of cool drink laced with humour spoof, complimented by distinct shape and colour of the bottle. EndorserThe selection of an endorser is critical, as the personality of the endorser can get transferred to the brand. Hathway shirts has acquired strong image owing to presence of sophisticated and mysterious endorser. Marlboro cowboy gave macho image to the brand.

Endorser may be real or fictional. Using celebrities as brand endorser  has advantages & disadvantages. celebrity enjoys instant recognition & goodwill that can be transferred to the brand.

Local celebrities can be used in local / Regional markets Ex. Pavan Kalyan for Pepsi in A. P.

Celebrities can also be experts in some situations such as Michael Jordan expert in basketball shoes.The using  of Film stars for  Lux beauty soap and highly successful sports persons for Nike is logical and shows brand fit. Sachin, Shahrukh Khan and Big ‘B’ endorse number of brands. Choosing the right celebrity & levering their qualities is important, otherwise celebrity endorsement may end up as futile exercise also involving wastage of money.

Sachin stands for style, power play, technique and excellence or performance. Sharukh Khan represents energy & entertainment and style. They cut across all demographic groups and have mass appeal. For ‘Boost’ Health beverage brand fit with Sachin is excellent.Similarly, King Khan is also played role in the success of ‘Santro small car’  Rahul Dravid was brand  endorser for Max New York life insurance, as he stands for  trust, reliability, Which can be transferred  to the brand. The same is the case with Steve Waugh endorsing ANP SANMAR Life insurance. ‘Exide’ has signed the new batting sensation MS Dhoni for  his power play and talent. Jhon Abraham is the latest upcoming star, is endorser for brands like Yamaha, Samsung etc.

, because of his rugged looks, good physique and youthfulness. Endorser stands for certain favorable values of the brand such as performance, style and reliability etc.Personality of the brand and celebrity should complement each other. Reliable celebrity ensures instant awareness, acceptability and positive attitude towards the brand, which is precursor to buying. Use of  Cheeranjevi, Big’ B’ King Khan in publication ads, to salvage the brand image of brands (Thumbsup, Pepsi, CDM) after setbacks is excellent way to leverage on the celebrity credibility This will be provide much needed assurance to the consumers and also protect brand image  & values.

The element of creativity is critical while using celebrity endorsements. Otherwise celebrity may overpower, and overshadow the brand (vampiring effect).Boost advertisement featuring Sachin etc is a classic example of effective celebrity endorsement. The Visa TV involving Hollywood star RichardGere, depicts the essence of Visa brand power (convenience, wide acceptance) through emotional appeal.

This is excellent way of adapting the communication to local markets. Indian celebrity can connect foreign brand with the Indian consumer with great effect. S.

Kumar’s has Big ‘ B’ is brand  Ambassador for Reid & Taylor, as it will enable them to Indianise the brand personality. ,Shahrukh Khan the Bollywood superstar is brand ambassador for Tag Heuer.The core values of the brand, pride, passion, precision and perfection closely matches with  the personality. Singapore Girl for Singapore airlines also played key role in brand personality  of Singapore airlines. Endorser                    –   Attributes Amitabh Bacchan      –   resilent, professional, charismatic unassuming Sharukh Khan           –  Youth Icon. Stylish, successful Sachin                    –  (Excellence, determination faith hardwork) Rahul Dravid             –  Mr. Dependable ,( Reliable, composure Consistency) Virender Sehawag     –  Swashbuckling M.

S. Dhoni               –  Sheer power playRani Mukherji            –  Youthful, enthusiastic, User Imagery It describes who or what type of person, might use that product / brand. Somebody may identify himself as Mercedes owner or Volvo driver. The recent TVC of Raymonds,( playing with puppies) focuses on soft side of man (i.

e. caring and loving) and also on subtle aspects of life styles of executives. Here the focus is on emotional aspects rather than on functional attributes). User imagery also communicates about the life style of the user. User imagery results in user-driven image which is transferred to the Brand.Brand personality needs to be updated with change in user imagery and information so that the brand remains contemporary and relevant. The Thumbsup, Marlboro, are classic examples for ‘user imagery’ contributing to brand personality & success. In fact, some of the brands have become cult brands in which brand personally played prominent role.

Kingfisher attained distinct personality as fun, frolic and lively supported by their ads and event sponsorships. Smirnoff attained youthful and innovative personality and all their innovative promotions are in tune with the brand personality.MTV has become coolest brand among the youth as channel, with sensible promotions(MTV youth icon award)and believed in  talking to the audience/youth and localization of the content.

Executional  elements: The elements like layout, colour etc (in print ads) and  visual appeal, music etc in broad cast advt. also contribute to the Brand personality. Intelligent and creative  ads  deliver brand personality. IBM.

Intel are excellent techno brands, in which advertising also played  prominent role in their success. Mozart symphony played in Titan Ad. Complements the brand personality of Titan as sophistiscation, elegance etc. uccess of absolute Vodka in U. S. A.

is also attributed to clever execution of the advt  in which bottle image figures always in  intelligent way, with Withy Puns. Tangible aspects of the Brand. Brand’s  tangible  aspects like package and other elements like price are also key elements.

Nirma’s  price & transparent package, Yellow colour of the detergent powder, symbolize ‘Down to Earth’ personality  of Nirma. Smell package of Medimix and Mysore Sandal (including soap shape) gives distinct personality to them. Absolute Vodka, transparent liquid and shape of the bottle played key role in brand personality.Symbols & Logos Symbols can also be used effectively to communicate brand values and characteristics. Mascots may also be part of the logo of a brand. Eicher uses head of the horse in the past , representing power and sturdiness of the Tractor. Eicher now uses galloping horse after diversifying its operations. Goodlands Nerolac uses Guddy tiger, signifying bright lasting colours.

Apple computers uses as it represents fun and  friendliness. These symbols / mascots have become endearing and shombitSengupta designed wipro logo of rainbow colours.LIC used hands of logo where represents safety, UTI has ‘Kalash’ as it is considered sacred and signals good things. Royal stag brand uses ‘Horse’ symbolizing naturalness and purity. ITC welcome group has W-Namaste as its logo, which captures the Indian tradition of welcoming  the guests.

Logos should be * Unique but easy to recoginize * Worth remembering and represent  ideas etc. * Look simple and yet capture wider meaning. * relevant and in tune with the time. Nike represents action, Swoosh symbol represents it. Britania little hearts  uses  ‘heart logo’ symbolizing love and affection. Slogans / PunchlinesThey also reflect Brand personality.

Peter England                              –     Honest Shirt (sincerity)  LIC                                            –     Try – Thy name is LIC (Trust)  L & T switch gear                         –     Safe & Sure (Trust) Bajaj                                          –     Inspiring confidence (Competence)  Videocon                                     –    The Indian Multinational (Competence)  Vantlensen                                  –     Power  Evolved (Sophistication- upper class)  Bank of Rajasthan                         –     Dare to Dream (Excitement) The New India Assurance Co.Ltd. –    Assurance of the leader (Competence) Mahindra Scropio                          –     Nothing else will do – (Ruggedness) Bank of India                                –    Bank that cares (empathy)  Nike                                           –     Just do it (Motivation, excitement) Slogans enhance brand recall and have strong linkage with brand’s essence / key values. Logos support brand names, provide ease in processing visual information lead to brand recall. Logo can be textual, abstract design and may be real.They convey a clear meaning or suggest something about product category / brand / values / features / benefits  of the brand. Executional Elements: Semantics of the ad and Big ‘B’ presence, played prominent role in delivering the Brand essence of Dabur Chyanvanprash  highlighting the traditional and natural,  effective way to strengthen mind & body.

Brand personality plays prominent  role in product categories such as alchohol, cigarettes, cool drinks, and perfumes. Brand personality may dominate functional attributes though which are equally important, thereby influencing consumer’s preference.It also acts as differentiator in case of Brand parity with respect to brand features. The key differentiating factor between brands such as  Coke , Pepsi, Thumpsup, Wiilsflake and India Kings is their distinct personality. Consumers have actual and ideal self concept, which has bearing on buying behavior.

Self concept is sort of individual perception on his/her characteristics, abilities etc and also what others opinion on him/her is  there. The proximity between self image and brand’s image, will determine the attitude towards the brand.Consumers see brands and their associates, as means to express.. Marketers through ads try to activate self image / concept of consumer, which may be existing or aspirational through various elements such as Execution, celebrity, logos / symbols etc. Ads work on image congruence and try to influence consumer attitude and preference thus evaluations. The problem arises when brand self image is not in sync with that of consumer and vice-versa. The need arises to determine the brand personality (existing) and change it so as to match with that of consumer self image.

For example, Brand which is considered as old, cannot be targeted to young target audience. In case of incongruence, Advertising needs to highlight functional aspects, and emphasize brand image in case of image congruence. Thus brand image may become dominant factor influencing buyer behaviour. It also helps to nullify the weaknesses of the brand contributing to poor perception.

Conclusion: To conclude, Brand personality being potent tool needs to be leveraged to achieve key objectives for existing & new brands. Consistency is also important, failing which dilution of brand personality or absence of it may occur.Other mix elements like distribution, pricing, promotion  and packaging (apart from advertising) should support and strengthen brand personality. Personality is one of the 3 core components of your brand. It’s the style in which you convey the soul of your company. Creating personality is not simply about being controversial or different.

It’s about being authentically you. Is your voice authoritative, is it funny, is it brash or maybe quirky? Define who you are and find ways to thread your personality through everything you do. DIMENSIONS: These are: 1. Sincerity (down-to-earth, honest, wholesome, cheerful) . Excitement (daring, spirited, imaginative, up-to-date) 3. Competence (reliable, intelligent, successful) 4. Sophistication (upper class, charming) 5. Ruggedness (outdoorsy, tough) AN EXPLANATION OF THE TRAITS BELONGING TO EACH OF THE FACETS These traits are: • Down-to-earth o Down to earth, o Family-oriented, o Small-town • Honest o Honest o Sincere o Real • Wholesome o Wholesome o Original • Cheerful o Cheerful o Sentimental o Friendly • Daring o Daring o Trendy o Exciting • Spirited o Spirited o Cool o Young • Imaginative o Imaginative o Unique • Up to date o Up to date o Independent Contemporary • Reliable o Reliable o Hard working o Secure • Intelligent o Intelligent o Technical o Corporate • Successful o Successful o Leader o Confident • Upper class o Upper class o Glamorous o Good looking • Charming o Charming o Feminine o Smooth • Outdoorsy o Outdoorsy o Masculine o Western • Tough o Tough o Rugged Brand personality.

An important key that Nokia uses to build its brand strength is developing a unique brand personality. Let’s make a comparison between Nokia and its strongest competitor, Motorola. As Tam Harbert of Electronic Business magazine has put it: “If Nokia Corp.

ere a person, it would be young, sexy, sophisticated, hip and generally “with it””. Ask analysts to personify Telefon AB L. M. Ericsson-even its name is stiff–and you’d get an austere, conservative, middle-aged Swedish engineer. ” So, generally, what does Nokia stand for? Nokia has detailed many personality characteristics for its brand, but employees do not have to remember every characteristic. They do, however, have to remember the overall impression of the list of attributes, as one would when thinking about someone one has met. As the strategic focus is on customer relationships, the Nokia personality is like a trusted friend.

Building friendship and trust is at the heart of the Nokia brand. The Nokia brand personality is: -Characterized by trust, dependability, understanding, and caring – A friend is there for you, treats you with respect, is comfortable, is someone you like, and is an enjoyable person with whom to spend time. Advantages of Using Brochures for Business Product Brand Personality o Enriching understanding. Using brand personality or giving a character to your business product makes your consumer get the gist of what your merchandise is.

It helps in gaining an in-depth understanding of consumer perception towards the brand.Brochures can give a lot of details and provide insight about the products you are selling that enriches information gain on the part of the customers. o Contributing to differentiating identity. There are several products in the market, chances are you have a lot of product the same others have. Create a differentiating identity through brochures.

With your brochures, you can be unique from other merchandise despite the same product attributes. Your brochure can share and communicating this message across because you can add more information when using this print material for advertising and promotion. Guiding communication effort. Keep the communication effective on your consumers with the use of brochures. Make sure that your print material is always fresh so that people can be updated. It is more detailed so it can share a lot of information that a consumer want or needs to know. o Creating brand equity. Functional benefits of a product are featured most on brochures.

It also enhances the products trait and personality image because this print material can have a full feature of a certain product that it wants to endorse to the target market.Details provided on your prints can be a customer’s basis for product purchase which is vital to your product. Maximize the your brochures in creating brand personality for your product. Distinct quality or trait of your merchandise makes it more recognizable to consumer resulting to increase of sales. Stand out from others and have that association to a certain character trait to make your product more personal and appealing to customers. Brand’s personality is displayed after the brand personification of uniqueness.

If there is no personification of a brand meaning and symbolism, then this brand is that there is no personality. Is there a brand personality for the brand’s life is very important. There is no brand personality is often short-lived, because there is no personification, it is not bonding with consumers, the formation of preferences. Inherent characteristics of the brand without a stable and behavioral characteristics, consumers can recognize and identify the brand’s personality, nature can not be personalized with the consumers to compare and confirm the consistency.

In order to avoid the risk of shopping social identity, consumers usually do not go to choose this brand. More and more consumers are now known as the brand to consumers, the biggest feature of the brand consumers recognize the brand in the case of consumption. Only in the brand’s personality and the consumer’s own personality in line, consumers will choose to buy. Consumers consciously or unconsciously in accordance with their own personalized purchase goods, and often is always to buy with their own personality and image consistent brand products.But not the brand personality is difficult to be resonating with consumers and, therefore, difficult to establish brand loyalty. Young, dynamic, maverick and self-Zhang Yang is a Pepsi brand building activities in the displayed character, precisely because of the extraordinary Pepsi-Cola intends to create a brand personality, to make Pepsi-Cola to become human, to obtain a high degree of recognition of the young generation, to young people like Pepsi, and strengthen their purchasing decisions, and thus created a Pepsi-Cola’s brand value.Brand personality will have brand value The value of brand personality not only in the establishment and recognition of consumers, but also its own brand products can add value. Brand personality is the brand value-added ability to express.

A large number of market analysis and consumer Researchshows that consumer spending is not just to meet basic living needs, more and more consumption is to meet the social, demonstrate the need for sex.In the minds of consumers, the brand represents not only the quality of the products, but also can be a kind of enjoyment, a symbol of social status, to give consumers the satisfaction of physical and psychological, bringing tangible and intangible benefits. Only consumers will brand with their combination of tangible and intangible benefits, in order to truly reflect the value of the brand. The brand’s personality can not only communicate with consumers, resulting in resonance, but also to create value for consumers, for the company additional profits.Therefore, the establishment of the brand personality is important. ‘Vibrant, dare to innovate’ is the Haier people have gone through 10 years of business practice, leaving consumers to clear the image of the personality.

Brands is not only a physical entity, but also to provide with the spirit of factors, with a strong emotional effect things. The formation of brand personality image of the right to draw potential customers, create brand image has a positive meaning.

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