Britain. an enemy ship and another fact is

Britain. It is a mystery because no one knows what could have contained on the ship, like I said it could be the World War or something else.

The history of Torpedo boats is really interesting because it tells us lots of information about torpedo boats and their are some of the information is that the “CSS David was the first ship designed from the keel up as a torpedo boat, and the first in naval history to explode a torpedo against the side of an enemy ship and another fact is that Torpedoes aren’t just used for explosives only.” Torpedo Boats are almost about 75 to 125 ft (22.8–38.1 m) long and are powered by gasoline or diesel engines.

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A torpedo boat’s speed is about and goes up to speeds of 200 knots (370 km/h or 230 mph) and the speed of a submarine is about and probably up to speeds of 44.85 knots (83.06 km/h; 51.61 mph). This isn’t a lot because of its weight and how many supplies are inside a submarine because submarines are used for protecting aircraft carriers on the surface of the water, attacking other submarines and watercraft, as supply vessels for other subs, “launching torpedoes and missiles at land and sea targets, and for providing surveillance and protection from terrorist or other countries at the other side of the world. Some similarities of a torpedo boat and a submarine are that they both need a crew, naval vessel that is capable of propelling itself beneath the water as well as on the water’s surface and last but not least and also the most obvious one of all is that they both travel under or above the surface of body of water such as oceans, seas and other big areas in water for naval reasons.” Our Navy needs torpedo boats because we may need to attack a ship or another torpedo boat or war reasons or something else I don’t know about.

The Royal Navy Motor Torpedo Boats (MTBs), (standing for Patrol Torpedo) were all of this type in both of the World Wars for several different countries not just the United States. Torpedoes were used in World War One because of and for sinking “merchant shipping suspected mostly by Germans of supplying allies”. Some people and a lot of countries during the World War used torpedo boats but one important country mostly used it all to battle the Allied Powers and the country’s name is Germany and they used U-boats (submarines) used torpedoes to sink boats and ships of any country that came near it or attacked the U-Boats. “U-Boats is a “Good” version of the German word U-Boot, shortened of Unterseeboot, literally “undersea boat” in English. This is an easier way to describe it is a German Submarine in English.

“There were two sides in World War One and Two and they were called the “Allied Powers” and the “Central Powers.” The main “Allied Powers” were the “United States”, “United Kingdom , “Soviet Union” and “France” in World War 1 and in the “Central Powers” were “Germany”, “Austria-Hungary”, and “Turkey” in World War 1 but in World War 2, there was the “Allied Powers”, “Central Powers” and “Axis Powers”. “Third Class Cruisers or Vessels were torpedo boats at the time when the war was happening. These included vessels such as the Archer-class which was more than 1,000 tons and it was intended to protect the main group of ships sailing together from

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