Buffalo Zoo

1. Explain how Donna illustrates the traits of successful leaders. What additional characteristics and achievement contribute to her success as president and CEO? Donna illustrates many traits for a successful leader. She communicates a vision that is shared by the community and employees by being clear and passionable. She gains trust of her employees by going out and interacting with them. Donna empowers her employees to achieve the goals in hand. She shows openness to her employees by listening to their ideas and supporting them to achieve them.

She leads in a way by showing empathy, being supportive of needs, showing trust, allowing employees to participate in decision making process, and asking for input for future goals. She shows her dedication to the community and employees and as a result she gains trust and integrity. She uses the relations orientation and participating style of sharing ideas. She acts like a role model to her employees and uses the mentor approach because that is how she was taught and learned from.

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Some characteristics that she contributed to her success are attentiveness, confident, energetic, efficient, compassionate, honest, maturity, enthusiastic, skillful, considerate, reliable, trustworthy, pleasant, responsible, calm, and motivated. 2. Describe the various types of power that Donna illustrates. Are these powers necessary for a leader to be effective? Donna illustrates many types of power in her position as CEO. One type of power Donna uses is referent power.

She makes the employee feel like they are working with her instead for her. She makes her employees them feel like she is no better then them so in turn the employees do what is told to do. Another power Donna uses is expert power. Expert power is based on employees believing that Donna has the expertise to reach the particular goals in hand. In return she gives and gets feedback from employees and community to work together to achieve what is need.

Donna also uses the socialized power, which is a desire power for the benefit of others. She is more mature and respectful to her surroundings and employees and has a strong desire for power to build up the Buffalo Zoo. She uses the participative style where she listens and involves others to participate in the decision making process. By doing this she opens up the communication flow. Her employees will show initiative to solve problems more quickly since Donna has encouraged them to take action. Because of her sing this style, she gets loyalty and respect from her employees as a leader to help her in the goals and visions of the Zoo. I believe these are powers needed to be successful in being a leader. To have open communication and a group effort is essential for an organization to survive. 3. Explain whether Donna appears to be a transformational leader. Would you like to work with her? Why or why not? Donna is definitely a transformational leader. She brings a process where the leader and employees work together in a way that changes or transforms the organization.

She leads to positive changes in those who follow. She seems to be energetic, enthusiastic, and passionate. She does this by not sitting in her office but getting out and interacting with visitors and employees. Donna empowers her employees to work as a team to make decisions and supports their efforts with positive feedback resulting in a high morale. She does this by inspiring employees and creating a common vision for the zoo. She uses the four dimensions of being a transformational leader.

Those four dimensions are individualized consideration, intellectual stimulation, inspirational motivation and idealized influence. I would definitely work for a person like Donna because she adopts a vision that she shares with all and with teamwork and proper guidance things can be achieved in reaching those goals that are set. She shows compassion, high energy, maturity, is team oriented, has empathy for her employees and she has charisma. I would consider her a great example of a leader, someone who is a mentor and guide to success.



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