Bus 210 Week 1

BUS/210 Week 1 CKPT CheckPoint: Business Models and Systems A local business that I frequently visit is Tactical Reload. Tactical Reload is a locally owned and operating, hunting and fishing store. The main components of Tactical Reload’s business model revolve around quality products. The owner of Tactical Reload has a plan to track which type of guns are bought as well as the make of the guns purchased. This allows the owner to see what guns are continually purchased as well as what make of guns are popular with his customer base.

The owner uses his resources to purchase quality, popular guns and gun products. This tracking system used by Tactical Reload allows their business to have a competitive edge in providing types of products that customers trust and have purchased in the past. The business occupation is the set of specialized skills and abilities that allow the owners of Tactical Reload to provide valuable goods and services (The McGraw-Hill Companies, 2007).

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This is accomplished due to Tactical Reload providing hunting and fishing gear which is popular. If the gear is popular then the gear is in high demand, making the selling of the specified products profitable. The business organization is a system which coordinates communication between common employees in order to allow the employees to be attempting to achieve similar goals (The McGraw-Hill Companies, 2007). Tactical Reload has only a few employees which are family and friends.

I personally know that each person who works at Tactical Reload spends time together away from work. This allows the employees to remain “in touch” with what is occurring at the store with customers. Business commerce is the process in which people exchange products and services (The McGraw-Hill Companies, 2007). This is as simple as customers pay United States currency for products they desire from Tactical Reload. References: The McGraw-Hill Companies, (2007). Introduction to Business



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