Business is to” become a market leader

Business Idea:



& Tint is a garage that will be based in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands by Cor
Hakobijan. The main focus of this company is to serve customers in need of
wrapping and tinting car services and ensure their satisfaction. Wrap &
Tint will be in a competitive market because of its high quality and reasonable
price service, and this is reflected in Hakobian’s experience in the field. The
quality of the material used, in this case the foil is imported from Germany
and it’s what gives Wrap & Tint its unique value.

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The mission
of Wrap & Tint is to “provide the
people of Leeuwarden the best “wrap & tint” car services and to ensure
customer satisfaction.”

The vision of
Wrap & Tint is to” become a market
leader in the garage industry in Leeuwarden ”

company will be focusing on two groups; car dealers and private customers,
because if they focus on private customers only it will put them at risk. On
the other hand the location of Wrap & Tint allows it to broaden its network
by making agreements with the car dealers. The main channels that Wrap &
Tint will be using to reach customers are the online platform and word of
mouth, therefore it will be very important to have happy customers with the
service provided for their cars. In addition to that, they will be launching
their own website which will give customers a better insight on the services
they provide and the prices of each.

One of the opportunities that will allow the
company to grow is that Leeuwarden has won the bid of becoming the European
capital of Culture in 2018, and will therefore become the tourists next
destination, also Leeuwarden location between many big cities in the

Wrap & Tint won’t be making profit in
their first year because they won’t be able to reach their estimated sales and
therefore would have low turnover. However, after being in the market more than
a year and getting started on the right track they will be able to meet their
estimated sales, and that is determined upon the process of getting the loan
approved from the bank.



chosen: Differentiation= attempt to distinguish products or services from that
of competitors.


HR: Implementation Plan


Resource Planning


According to Fombrun, (Fombrun, Tichy, &
first tool is Human Resource Planning in this progression two things have to be
identified, they are the current human resource needs are the future human
resource needs. In this process there are five steps that have to be done, they
are, reviewing the business goals, scanning the environment, internally and
externally, then identifying the gaps, followed by developing a plan and
finally measuring the progress of the human resource plan. In each step several
factors have to be looked at and some analysis have to be made in order to have
a concrete plan for the organization.



and selection


The success of companies is determined form
its foundation, and the people working at the company are key in this case,
therefore when it comes to recruitment and selection, it is very important.
What happens in this process, is after applicants submit their
applications/CVs, managers or people who are responsible for recruitment and
selection have a look at the qualities that the applicants have and match it to
the desired job position. Therefore, amongst all the applicants they select the
one who has the knowledge and skills for the job and this is one of the process
that has to be thought carefully about.




In this process the employees and managers
cooperate together so that they can review an employee’s objective. As this is
the third tool referring to Fombrun, in this process, an employee’s annual performance
is looked at as well as, setting their objectives. Managers are highly involved
here because it is their job to make sure that the employees are performing
well and are in line with the objectives set. Managers in this case make sure
that the employees are on track and they are working efficiently to bring the
best out of the company.





Appraisal happens in all companies and it
focuses on evaluating the employees of an organization, they look at the
salaries and their performance.  This can
be done in a general way; first the supervisors measure the employee’s salaries
and compare it to their target. Then a work performance analysis must be done,
followed by a guide that is given to the employees so that they can improve
their performance. This can give employees benefits because usually after an
appraisal some get a promotion within the company and have the chance for
employee development.






Employees love being rewarded by the company
because it shows that the company values them and therefore this reflects on
their performance in the company. (Daft, 2009) There are different types of rewards, intrinsic rewards; there are
rewards within the organization, for example a higher position, and on the
other hand there are extrinsic rewards, these can be monetary rewards, fringe
benefits and many others. Rewarding staff is one way of motivating staff,
because motivating employees is essential in all companies in order to keep
them have and get good performance.



of Staff


Exit of staff is part of the human resource
cycle, therefore the company should expect that at any stage some employees
would leave the company. This does have a negative impact on the organization
and actions will have to be taken from the Human Resource department because
they will need to find out the reason why. Some of the problems that lead
employees to leave an organization is; not being satisfied with their salaries,
not feeling valued or appreciated by their managers/company or sometimes they
feel they are not growing within the company and therefore leave.




and development


Training and development is one of the most
important factors in any organization because only after the training the
employees will know what has to be done and how. In the HR cycle this is the
last tool mentioned by Fombrun, there are different types of training that
companies use, the type is identified depending on the job description, because
there isn’t a one-fits-all training. Some might need on the job training others
might require off the job training, if dealing with public relations for
example. After training, comes development, there is always space for
development in terms of skills, knowledge and growth. (University of Lahore, 2011)

























HR Plan: SMART Goal


The SMART goal of Wrap & Tint is “to
gain competitive advantage through differentiation in the next 5 years”


As there are many garages in Leeuwarden,
Wrap & Tint will be in a competitive market; therefore it will be best for
them to focus on differentiation in order to gain competitive advantage.  To be able to achieve this goal, Wrap &
Tint must have a very strong Research & Development department, as they
should be up to date with all the trends in that industry. As well as have very
good marketing so they can let the people of Leeuwarden know about them.


The goal is SMART because it will be
possible to gain the competitive advantage using the differentiation strategy
in a period of 5 years. They aspire to become leaders when it comes to services
related to car service in wrapping and tinting. They can achieve this because
the strategy they are following now which is good quality and low price is at
their benefit. In addition to that, Wrap & Tint can add introduce an
innovative product or service which will be in line with their goal.

















HRM Plan to Scenario


Human Resource Planning


The first step of reaching the goal in 5
years is having a strong base, when the first steps are on the right paths
things will flow easily. Therefore, the most important thing here will be
studying the market, and stay up to date with the trends, so maybe specialists
will be hired. (Ketchen
& Short) Other than that, in order to stay in the market, a new product or
service will be needed so that Wrap & Tint can broaden its portfolio. By
doing that and training and developing the staff on a regular basis, they will
be able to be leaders in the market if the service they provide satisfies the


Recruitment and selection


In order to meet the desired goal, maybe a
slight change will be done in this process since, they will be in a competitive
field they will have to have a good workforce. Therefore, if Wrap & Tint
don’t have a research & development department they will have to hire
people for this position. In addition to that they will have to make sure that
they have a strong marketing base so they can win the heats of the customers.


Performance management


Since the company will be in a competing
market, performance management will be very important and will have to be done
carefully. The reason is employees will be working hard and since the company
provides services, the most important assets are the employees. Therefore,
managers must have a concrete plan in order to make time for the employees so
they can review the employee’s objectives.




In any change, all factors of the human
resource cycle will be affected in a way, so will the appraisal. For this
change to happen, managers will have to look over the salaries of the
employees, and check if they are following what they have to do or other
actions have to be taken.  This strategy
requires lots of hard work and therefore managers of Wrap & Tint will have
to think whether, salaries will increase/decrease or stay the same. They will
have to make sure that the employees are in line with the direction the company
wishes to follow.





This will be a very important aspect in the
process, since the company wants to become a market leader in 5 years from now,
they have to have motivated staff to get things done efficiently and
effectively (Harvard Business Reviews,
2008).  Rewarding will be very important because it’s
the way that will allow the staff to feel valued by Wrap & Tint, therefore
when they get rewarded they will work better and it will be a win-win for the
company and for the employee.  Wrap &
Tint will reward its staff by using extrinsic rewards, so they will be given
monetary benefits, discounts and other awards.




Exit of Staff


For this scenario, the exit of staff in
won’t be applicable because the company doesn’t want to cut costs, rather they
would want the cooperation of the staff in order to achieve their goal. However,
worst case scenario, sometimes unexpected things can happen in a company, some
employees leave if there is too much pressure, therefore there should be


Training and development


This will be required in order to develop
the services that they are providing for customers. Although training and
development is costly, it will benefit Wrap & Tint in the long term, most
of the training will be done on-the-job since it is a garage. Therefore, they
will be given training on how to help customers, how the wrapping and tinting
is done, how to deal with different customers and how to approach different
customers. These things need training because, when offering a service it is
important that it meets the customers expectations.



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