Current Ethical Issues

Sharon Donnelly November 21, 2010 Can you imagine the financial effects the economy would feel if every home owner up and just walked away from their homes, owing more than the definite value of the home and the loan? With the current struggles and rapid down spiral of our economy, many financial services, and institutions are burdened with […]

Illegal Gun Purchases in the United States

Laurene Stagliano Ms. Catherine Piela Comp 101 29 November 2010 Illegal Gun Purchases in the United States For years, people in the United States of America have been allowed to own firearms. This was a right given to them by the constitution, and if the person met all the requirements for a gun. But, within the last couple […]

Sun Cellular

Goals Mission: To be the true measure and standard of leadership in everything we do. Vision: We envision a world of people truly connected and enabled to realize their limitless possibilities. Critical Success Factors: Strength: Digitel Mobile Philippines, Inc. (DMPI) is one of the Philippines’ leading mobile telecommunications company known by its corporate brand name SUN CELLULAR. Sun […]


To: Don Hutton From: Leslie Nguyen K2-3: Kingston Company Preliminary Materiality Assessment a) Describe auditor’s concept of materiality? Information is material and should be disclosed if it is likely to influence the economic decision of financial statement users. Accounting numbers are not perfectly accurate because of the nature of accounting. • Estimates are used and honest mistake happen. […]


Argentina is the second largest country in South America and is the eighth largest in the world. It is located in the southern most part of South America, and it is bordered by Bolivia and Paraguay to the north; Uruguay, Brazil, and the Atlantic Ocean to the east, and the Atlantic Ocean and Chile to the west and […]

Biodiversity and Endangered Species from El Salvador

Biodiversity and Endangered species Science Program conducts research on the biodiversity of El Salvador and the region, with the aim of establishing a scientific basis to support future operations of natural resource conservation. Biodiversity is the variety of living creatures on planet Earth. This term includes diversity of species, genetic diversity and ecosystem diversity. Conserving biodiversity is important […]

Port State Control

Port State Control is a waste of a State’s Resources- Discuss for or against Port State Control (PSC) as defined by wikipedia. com is the inspection of foreign ships in other national ports by PSC officers (inspectors) for the purpose of verifying that the competency of the master and officers onboard, the condition of a ship and its […]

Food Log

John Bradley 10/20/2010 Intro. Athletic Training Prof. Johnson My Daily Diet For the past week I have kept a record of everything I have consumed including food and drinks. I have done this to asses what kind of foods I eat and how much nutrition I am getting from my daily diet. I find it very important to […]

Understanding Public Health

Understanding the Public Health and the Law On September 23, 2010 new reforms under the Affordable Care Act begin to bring to an end some of the worst abuses of the insurance industry. “These reforms will give Americans new rights and benefits, including helping more children get health coverage, ending lifetime and most annual limits on care, and giving […]

Job Analysis

In June 2001 tropical storm Allison hit North Carolina and the Optima Air Filter Company. Many employees’ homes were devastated, and the firm found that it had to hire almost three completely new crews, one for each of its shifts. The problem was that the “old-timers” had known their jobs so well that no one had ever bothered […]

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