Gun Control & Policy: a Review of the Literature

Gun Control and Policy: A Review of the Literature Abstract “A Well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed. ” Amendment II, Bill of Rights Constitution of the U. S The Second Amendment has been a major issue in American […]

Anabaptist: Christianity and God

The term “radical,” defined as “back to one’s roots,” that pertains to the religious movements of the Mennonites, Anabaptists, and Hutterites is really a matter of personal opinion. If a religious cult’s identity is to maintain a proclaimed moral higher ground or its theological opinion of biblical text is different than the mainstream, what makes that radical? I […]

Organic Farming

Organic farming cannot feed the developing world It is argued that without pesticides and genetically modified crops, farming is not economically viable in the developing world. Non-organic farming allows you to farm land that would otherwise not be farmable. Yields are high and costs are low. However, there is a worry that intensive farming in these countries will destroy the […]

Nowadays, natural vegetation and open space. The process

Nowadays, Land use land cover (LULC) is changing veryrapidly due to an anthropogenic and natural phenomenonoccurring at local to global scales. Land cover changes bring up to conversionand modification of vegetation, changes in biodiversity, soil quality, runoff,erosion, sedimentation and land productivity (Xiubin, 1996). Therefore, therehas been a decline in biodiversity over the last four decades, attributed inlarge part […]

NAC conditions promoting the development of defense mechanisms

NAC transcription factors are versatileregulators of diverse developmental processes and have been associated with carotenoidaccumulation and plant abiotic defense responses, such as temperature stresstolerance and drought. Tomato fruit (Solanumlycopersicum L.) is a convenient model for the study of fleshy fruitdevelopment and stress responses. To explore further the role of NAC, weanalyzed the expression of six NAC family transcription […]

Maize fertilizers has led to an increased cost

Maize is one of the most consumed cerealcrop on a wide margin and forseveral other purposes. It occupied the third place among cereal crops in Nigeria(FAO, 1997), right after sorghum and millet. The performance of Nigeriaagricultural sector in maize production has become abated over the decade dueto some factors that militate against sufficient crop yields and fertilizer useUdom […]

Science and Technology

Science and technology in India has been growing rapidly. As India develops and becomes more connected to the global economy, the government has placed a stronger emphasis on science and technology as an integral part of the socio-economic development of the country. This has led to increases in investment, improved scientific structures, and more funding for research. These […]

Caste System in India

The caste system described on Wikipedia, is the social stratification and social restrictions in the Indian subcontinent, in which social classes are defined by thousands of endogamous hereditary groups, often termed as jatis or castes. The caste system in India can be explained more of the a complex social structure of their hierarchy. The caste system is more […]

Science and Technology in National Development

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY IN NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT The importance of science and technology in national development cannot be over-emphasized. It is a known fact that no nation can develop without science and technology. What is science and technology? Science is the study of knowledge which can be made into a system and which depends on seeing and testing facts […]

Rhetorical In the article, “Food For the Soul’,

Rhetorical Analyze on Kristof’s “Food for the Soul”.     In the article, “Food For the Soul’, ahuman rights defender, and a two time Pulitzer Prize Winner NicholasKristof discussed the profits of traditional family farms over modern industrialagriculture.  In his article, Kristof engagedreaders to accept his ideas and take his side on agricultural debates by focusingon telling nostalgic stories about […]


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