The Challenges of Globalisation for the 21st Century

The article argues that the challenges facing higher education in the new millennium cannot be understood unless proper account is taken of the phenomenon of globalisation. Two points are emphasised. The first is that globalisation cannot simply be seen as a higher form of internationalisation; it is a much more turbulent phenomenon that not only transcends but ignores […]

Workplace Violence

Back then, workplace and violence are two terms that were never associated with each other. Previous generations showed that the employees’ perspective of workplace is a protected area where ones safety is guarded. However, this perspective does no longer exist. When the two words are joined together, it strikes terror among individuals that are specifically affected by such […]

Native America Federal Policies from the 1800s to 2000

Adriana Calderon April 28, 2011 Ethnic Study 1 Native America Federal Policies from the 1800s to 2000 The new US Government was careful not to antagonize the Indians and sought to treat them with mutual respect. This is evidenced in early treaties where the term “Red Brothers” was used to convey this sentiment of equality. By 1800 interaction […]

What Role Should German Government Play in Business?

What role should German government play in business? As part of her efforts to combat the economic crisis, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is increasing the state’s influence in the market, buying holdings in banks and bailing out individual industries and companies. Considering these new course of the government, there arises the question what role should the German government […]

Western Civilization

(1) It has always been the power struggle that led people to revolt. Developments in agriculture were not enough to feed the whole French nation, especially in the cities, because the poor has always sufferred. Despite the advancement in agriculture and the use of modern agricultural techniques and “expected” increase in food supply, the prices of the food […]

Ancient Mesopotamia vs. Ancient Egypt

Throughout history there has been a tremendous amount of civilization eruptions, eruptions as in complex creations of diversity. Mesopotamia and Egypt may very well be considered some of the world’s most profound ancient civilizations dating all the way back to the beginning of time. In other words, Mesopotamia and Egypt both had a severe impact in the expansion […]

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