Dear With this letter I am showing across

Dear sir/madam, My name is Md Ata ullah,  Bangladeshi by birth. I am applying  for the Master’s Degree in Finance in which I am especially interested. I am currently working part-time as a Customer Service officer for T.K group of industries. My key  job role involves “Discounts and Rewards Management, Serving customers, and dealing with customer inquiries and […]

Case the impact of favoritism which leads to

Case Study on Nepotism/Favoritism (Step 3) 1.     Ethical Dilemma: In my case study, I don’t want to limit the situations on ethical situations on Nepotism rather I want to have different kind of scenarios where Nepotism or Favoritism or Cronyism affect organizations and its impact on individuals. We might experience or see situations where favoritism or Nepotism is […]

Few the President and Chief Executive Officer

Few weeks to the April 2015 earthquake, as aids and help started to flock in back in 2015, I was already exasperated briefing to the self labelled relief teams who had rather a touristic approach, engrossed on taking selfies and making videos of a hospital in turned in to rubbles in rural Nepal. When I heard of the […]

Risk and operational risk are directly related

Risk management can be defined as a systematic approach to managing risks that threaten the assets and income of a business or entrepreneurship. There are five types of risks in business have been identified that are relevant to takaful as follows: 1.     Underwriting risk 2.     Operational risks 3.     Credit risk 4.     Liquidity risk 5.     Market risk   Underwriting […]

Ethics information for real time status updates.

Ethics are different effects to different people; it down to a sense of community right and wrong. A social issue is an issue it has been recognized by society as an issue that is preventing society from functioning at an optimum level. It is vital to understand that not all things arise in society are raised to the level […]

Cloud for more coordinated efforts inside the

Cloud computing: cloud computing is the delivery of computing services—servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and more—over the Internet (“the cloud”).  Or Cloud computing is the delivery of on-demand computing services — from applications to storage and processing power — typically over the internet and on a pay-as-you-go basis. Advantages of cloud computing ·         Cost: Cloud computing disposes […]

Zahale to these men is not about desire

Zahale Edwards Instructor: Yoonha Shin ENG 105 December 5, 2017   Sexual Harassment by Powerful Men in The Workplace               Lately in the media the news of sexual harassment by powerful men in the workplace have been brought up in a brighter light than before. Not to say that sexual harassment in the workplace by powerful men […]

Current the recent fall that she had. Mrs

Current Social Situation (Give details of the patients current social situation, who they live with, any dependents (including pets), what type of accommodation they have and whether they are having difficulty with this accommodation) Mrs Violet Smith is an 82 year old elderly woman who since the death of her husband has living alone, by herself in a […]

Abstract be done by a team not

Abstract Project management is defined as the knowledge, skills, tools and techniques for a team to achieve specific goals and meet the project requirements on the specific time. There are a lot of challenges of project management to achieve all the goals. The primary constraint is scope, time quality and budget. While the second challenges is to make […]

Cyber-attacks as a serious security threat. Malware not

Cyber-attacks involve the use of malware which are malicious software aimed at infiltrating the integrity, secrecy and overall functionality of a system 8 these include viruses, Trojan, worms, back ware, spyware etc. With computers, internet and cyberspace being essential in our everyday life, malware therefore stand as a serious security threat. Malware not just stand as a treat […]

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