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This research study is an inspection of therapeutic ultrasound. The concept of curative ultrasound is analyzed with concentration on primaries of ultrasonic physics and ultrasonic medication. Analogy of therapeutic ultrasound and diagnostic ultrasound is proposed. Low intensity and high intensity applications of remedial ultrasound are inspected, followed by a consolidation on High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) technology. The […]

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Introduction to segregation engineering and grain boundary segregation engineering Segregation engineering refers to the self-organized microstructure manipulation whereby the solutes, under thermodynamic driving force, are segregated to specific lattice defects and consequently trigger microstructural changes at the site of segregation. The underlying principle is that, upon heating into regimes good enough for diffusion, the solute atoms show strong […]

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Rock Climbing   There are two primary types of rock climbing: indoor climbing and outdoor climbing. I will be primarily be focusing on the outdoor aspect of rock climbing. In the arena of outdoor climbing, there are two primary categories of climbing: sport climbing and traditional climbing (also referred to as ‘trad’ climbing).   ?     Sport climbing Sport […]

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1.0 Uganda’s energy system Uganda is a landlocked country in the region of East Africa, whose energy infrastructure has been growing since its energy reformation policies in the nineties. Figure 1 : Uganda 1 Total Area (km²) 241,550 Population (2016) 41,487,965 Rural Population (% of total population, 2016) 84 GDP (current US$, 2016) 25,527,910,090.63 GDP per capita (current […]

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Mental wellbeing issues are common inside society, with around one in six people as of now encountering a mental wellbeing clutter (McManus et al., 2009).  The interface between liquor and misery has been appeared to be two-way, where by liquor is prescient of discouragement and bad habit versa (Gilman and Abraham, 2001). In fact, sadness is a major […]

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One-third of food that is produced for human consumption is wasted globally – this accounts for 1.3 billion tonnes of food per year. Food can be wasted or lost at any stage in the food supply chain: from the initial agricultural production to its final consumption. Food waste is a serious issue as it is resulting in the […]

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     Due to sport psychology Greg is suffering from anxiety. Greg is either worrying too much, he’s nervous that he might mess up or he just don’t want to blow the game with all the pressure on him. When suffering from anxiety, Greg realizes that his performance want be as good if people hold him accountable. I […]

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A.    Solar Energy from Sun: The Top and bottom tori of our settlement are completely covered with Solar panels. The energy received from the Sun is collected and converted into electrical energy and stored by the control room. This energy is supplied to different sectors with the help of underground wires.   (Image done in paint) B.    Using […]

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Method:Part 1-Before starting this section you should make sure any hair or a headscarf is tied back.You Should also be wearing goggles as you are using harmful chemicals which could potentially harm your eyes or skin.You should be wearing a lab coat to make sure the chemicals you are using are not being contaminated with the clothing you […]

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The Russian Revolution of 1917 consisted of two revolutions, first in February, which overthrew the imperial Tsarist Government. The second one, in October, between the Reds and the Whites, which placed the Reds (Bolsheviks) in power. As result, Russia was removed from the war and its traditional monarchy was replaced to turn it into the Union of Soviet […]

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