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Women in Ag Women in agriculture can do just as much as men can. Women in the farming and ranching industry date back as far as 2,000 years ago. Much of the Earth’s population had become dependent on agriculture (Rosenfeld, Rachel Ann). Not a lot has changed, except that more women have started farming and ranching all over […]

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In the past three centuries standards of living have diverged dramatically, a phenomenon that has been called the Great Divergence (Jones, 2017). This term refers to the process by which the Western world overcame pre-modern growth constraints and emerged during the 19th century as the most powerful and wealthy world civilization. For most of history, standards of living […]

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The East End was a place of economic activity concerned with the processing of raw materials and manufacturing of goods in factories. This brought about new investment incentives for the British industry in the late 1800s. The East End’s accessibility to the Thame’s dockland areas and its being situated on the outskirts of central London made this area […]

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  Complementary and alternative medicine should be formally provided as part of the mainstream health care. These methods are only helpful to the patient, as they increase the recovery and prevention of the illness in healthy, natural ways. Mainstream health care is a system in which doctors follow to treat the patient’s illness or injury using techniques involving […]

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The Jeffersonian worldview was an American Republicanism, that focused on small farmers. These views changed quite a bit over the years as the American population grew larger. As the population grew, the economy shifted toward commerce, manufacturing, and large-scale agriculture. In this essay, I am going to explain why America went from a world whose economy was focused […]

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Corporate level strategy helps organization to create value at lower cost which helps them to differentiate from competitors. Since Patanjali was doing good and generating free cash flow they diversified and entered into the FMCG sector. They started with related diversification and entered into FMCG market and now moving into unrelated diversification by entering into clothing line to […]

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Annex D – Past Studies Review The following provides some details of previous studies reviewed in the context of this mandate: Northern Ontario Aerospace Study (2009) The objective of this study was to determine the state of the aerospace/aviation sector in Northern Ontario. The study served as a resource for FedNor, communities and businesses developing sectorial strategies for […]

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Will robots replace surgeons in the future? When? Would it even be possible? These questions have been repeatedly asked by many people in the past decade. Due to the rapid growth in technology at an exponential rate there is an endless possibility for technology in the health sector as already at the Royal Marsden they have been using […]

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The UK’s economic shift from a Fordist to a post-industrial, services-based economy is widely considered to have begun in the early 1970s. (Harvey, 1989) (McDowell, 2014) For the remainder of the twentieth century, and into the next millennium, the UK’s economic profile was drastically altered by shifts in occupational distribution; not only in terms of the geographical distribution […]

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Impinging planar air jet has essential role to control final coating thickness in many industrial processes such as photographic film manufacturing, painting, and especially steel strip coating. It is well known that the wall pressure and the wall shear stress profiles at the strip are important jet characteristics that directly impact on the coating quality. One of the […]

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