Advertising and Children

Advertising aimed at children should be banned In today’s capitalist society, advertising is all around us. As it has acquired its strong presence on the internet, it seems that there is no way we can escape its ceaseless images and messages in our everyday lives. Of course, we are not a captive audience who is easily duped by […]

Impact of Visual Merchandising

Shopping has transformed from necessity to an adventure. It’s more of an experience, opportunity for celebration. Gone are the good old days when a list is made and shopping is done at the nearby Kirana store. Shopping is a welcome break from hectic schedules, time to let your hair down and hit the malls. Retail giants like Central […]

Referrals gamers has exploded — today, 2.2B people

Referrals on the blockchainWhite PaperJanuary 25th, 2018Refereum provides referrals on the blockchain, built for the game industry.Refereum is the first referral marketplace for games. The RFR token rewards gamers for their engagement and purchases with full transparency. Over 150,000 gamers have joined the platform in the two months since launch, and the number of gamers continues to grow […]

Government! model, business/government, the people (public opinion) and

Government! What is theGovernment for? Well the Government’s role is to make and apply policies andrules for our society. You can hate them, and you can love them. It’s alove-hate relationship, but should they intervene when it comes to gas prices?Many may believe in twoperspectives of business. The dominant and pluralist perspectives but which onewould be best for […]

Mobile Phone and Paypal

The value proposition it offers is that your money can be received via e-mail quickly without paying a big commission as it is with credit cards and with certainty that this is transferred by a large institution for the when the merchant receives the notification via mail and money already in your account that can transfer money to […]

Analyse Consumer Behaviour Louis Vuitton

This assignment is to be completed and submitted in Week 5 (your lecturer will advise the date) You are to identify a well-known product on the market. It can be a foodstuff, clothing, alcohol of soft drink, even a model of car, a holiday destination, etc. You are to identify the target market that the company who puts […]

Motivation and Performance

Motivation and Performance Motivation It’s a clear fact that motivation influences the individual performance directly. Therefore the motivator should understand the requirements of the employees in order to satisfy them. Each employee will not be motivated in the same manner as to another, but they would be motivated by approaching in a different method. Therefore the motivator should […]

Breaking the Trade-Off Between Efficiency & Service Analysis

E-Man 251 Marketing Breaking the Trade-Off between Efficiency & Service Analysis Frances X. Frei’s article in the November 2006 Harvard Business Review discusses ways service businesses need to deal with customer variability. Her beings with an example of a business that have their customers show room floor and how customers aren’t simply opening their wallets, they are involved […]

Human Resource Planning and Development

Human Resource Planning and Development Md. Helal Uddin Business Administration Discipline Khulna University 2010 Md. Helal Uddin, Business Administration Discipline, Khulna University. [email protected] com. Introduction Human resources are inimitable, appropriable, valuable and scarce, and nonsubstitutable asset which can create competitive advantages. People and their skills are the one thing that competitor organizations cannot imitate. So, human resource management […]

David founders. Biography & Wiki David Alan Siegel

David Alan Siegel net worth-David Alan Siegel is an American based businessman and entrepreneur who founded Westgate resorts limited. According to Forbes, David has net worth of $4.9billion as of 2017. Westgate resorts, is one of the greatest resort developers in the world and a huge national time share company. He is the CEO of CFI resorts management […]


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