World History to 1500

According to Bentley-Ziegler (2007), archeological discoveries of the bones and tools of the human ancestors dated five (5) million years ago gave light on the evolution of human species. The first group of specie is the hominid: includes Australopithecus, Australopithecines and Homo erectus. Then, it was followed by the Homo sapiens. (p. 14-15)The first was the Australopithecus, which […]

Inflation & Its Causes and Effects

Inflation is the rise in the general level of prices. This is equivalent to a fall in the value or purchasing power of money. It is the opposite of deflation. Measuring inflation Inflation is measured by observing the changes in prices of goods in the economy using econometric techniques. The rises in prices of the various goods are […]

The Malleable Person

In science, malleable refers to the property of metals to be bent and extended so that its shape could be changed accordingly. Pressure is usually applied to the malleable material to reshape it like in the case of plastic and leather. Malleable metals like gold and copper, meanwhile, are melted so that it could be bent.If the term […]

Carry Foster Bridge

The Carey Foster bridge is an electrical circuit that can be used to measure very small resistances. It works on the same principle as Wheatstone’s bridge, which consists of four resistances, P, Q, R and S that are connected to each other as shown in the circuit diagram in Figure 1. In this circuit, G is a galvanometer, […]

Aig Overhauls Bonus System

By David Goldman NEW YORK (CNNMoney. com) — AIG announced on Wednesday that it is changing the way it pays out bonuses to its employees, opting to determine compensation based on performance. “Aligning pay and performance is the hallmark of many world-class organizations and is critical to our future success,” AIG spokeswoman Christina Pretto said in an e-mailed […]


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