MadagascarOverview natural resource it does major damage to

MadagascarOverview of NationContinent: AfricaSize: 587,041 km² Population:  26,262,810Flag: Map: Third world countryLarge island in the Indian oceanFourth largest island in the worldIs a very popular mining countryLost 90% of it’s forest due to human farming methodNatural Resources (Renewable) vs. Non renewable ResourcesDefinition: Natural resources are resources that are natural made. They are not made by the actions of […]

3.2. within the projects in progress. Also the

3.2. Visual Studio 2017The main integrateddevelopment environment of Microsoft. Allows programming of the GUI and scriptsalong with Windows Form, Web sites, Web applications and Web services supportedby Microsoft Windows, Windows Mobile, Dot Net Framework and MicrosoftSilverlight.Visual Studio has acode editor that supports Intelligence technology and code rewriting. It alsocontains an interpreter that detects run-time errors. The interpreter detectsspelling […]

Analisa yang mengandung salah satu dari data yang

Analisa Pola Data Penyakit Rumah Sakit dengan Menerapkan Metode Association Rule Menggunakan Algoritma Apriori adalah sebuah jurnal yang berisi penggunaan data mining di bidang kesehatan pada salah satu rumah sakit yang berada di Medan, Sumatera Utara. Latar belakang dari penerapan data mining pada kasus ini dikarenakan banyaknya pasien dengan penyakit tertentu yang sebenarnya dapat dideteksi dari penyakit atau […]

Afghanistan's Geostrategic Outlook

The Geostrategic Nightmare of Afghanistan A geostrategic outlook does not depend on one single topic or attribute of a country. It encompasses concepts from geography, politics, demography, and topography to characterize a region. When we look into the country of Afghanistan we look into the concepts of Afghanistan being land-locked, their vast mountainous region, their relatively large population […]

Performance K-Nearest Neighbor, Logistic Regression, Decision Trees, Random

Performance Analysis of Machine LearningAlgorithms for Disease Prediction Sipiwe PhiriBilgisayar Mühendisli?iSelçuk ÜniversitesiKonya, Turkey.Email: [email protected], [email protected]  Abstract— Breast Cancer is a type of cancer thatforms from the breast tissue. Worldwide breast cancer accounts for up to 25% ofall cancer deaths in women. However, as a result of the advancements in medicalresearch, today cancer is considered preventable and curable; in its early […]

EVALUVATING road traffic accident is any harm due

EVALUVATINGROAD TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS USING DATAMININGTECHNOLOGY ABSTRACT:-Roadtraffic safety is an important perturbation for government transportauthorities as well as common people. Road accidents are ambivalent and notable to be predict the incidents. And their survey requires the informationaffecting them. Road accidents cause difficulties which are get bigger at analarming rate. Controlling the traffic accidents on roads is a crucial task. Togive […]

Social a strong focal point in creating new

Social media have become ubiquitous and play a vital role in understanding the masses and also serve as a prominent medium of communication.  Social media analytics is attributed to “developing and evaluating informatics tools and frameworks to collect, monitor, analyse, summarize, and visualize social media data to facilitate conversations and interactions to extract useful patterns and intelligence” (Fan […]

Q1 and groups for example global witness. Members

Q1In 1980, Conferring to theworld diamond council the blood diamonds are illegitimately trade-off tofinance hostilities in wars-torn areas, mainly in western Africa as well as centralAfrica. At the time of civil war in Sierra Leone, around 4% of world’s diamond manufacturesymbolized by blood diamonds. In 1990’s the retailing of the blood diamonds financedthe enormous violence. The Kimberley process […]

Public original data but also the changing rate

Public safety, especially the daily traffic accidentis concerned by the public. Previous studies have alreadydiscussed accident reasons associated with accidents statistically. There is amethod called Innovators Marketplace on Data Jackets created by ProfessorOhsawa. This method is used to externalize the value of data via stakeholders’requirement communication. This paper applied the solution from an IMDJworkshop to research this topic […]

TOPICS and also validated and could be used

 TOPICS IN DATA SCIENCECP-8210 FINAL REPORTDATAMINING  Submitted to :- Abdolreza Abhari    Submitted by :-      GurpreetSinghStudent Number:-  500802475 DATE 01/01/2018Introduction Data mining isa process which is used to turn raw data into useful information by variouscompanies. With the help of data mining, the companies can look into patternsand understand the customers in a better way with more effective strategieswhich will further increase their sale […]


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