How to Write a Ministry Proposal

Proposal for Christian Education Ministry Fundraiser As we prepare for growth we must continue to follow God’s leading as he reveals to us His vision for the direction of our CE ministry here at Smith Chapel Church. In order to follow His vision for us, our plans for ministry must be consistent with the “Great Commission” (Matthew 28:18 […]

Evolution of Formal Organizations

Evolution of Formal Organizations Paper Linda Price November 21, 2010 Axia College of University of Phoenix Sociology (Axia)-SCO/120 Joanne Colosi Jucha Evolution of Formal Organizations Over the course of the last 100 years, the overall trend in thinking about organizational form and structure has been toward greater recognition, system complexity, and diversity. While the overall trend in thinking […]

Global Warming Webquest

How is climate different from weather? Weather can change from hour-to-hour, day-to-day, and season-to-season. It may rain for an hour and then become sunny and clear. It includes wind, temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, cloudiness, sunshine and precipitation. Climate is the average weather for a particular region over a long time period. Climate describes the total of all weather […]

Professional Values and Ethics

Professional Values and Ethics Learning Team A GEN200 November 15, 2010 Lisa Wittenhagen Ethical standards and an individual’s personal code of moral values are extremely subjective topics often based on belief systems. Furthermore, upbringing commonly influences an individual’s code of ethics thus affecting important personal and professional decisions. Renowned Brazilian professor Valdemar W. Setzer once said of moral […]

Edward Scissor Hands vs. Frankestein

The Inevitable Downfall of the Truly Unique Man was created as a species, a group, so that no one would ever have to be alone. There are millions of people all over the world so that anyone can find someone to connect with. When someone is forced to be isolated from society, it causes one to lose their […]


Chemicals play a major role in our life. They are used for various purposes for example: construction, cooking, cleaning and preservation. We are all surrounded by many different kinds of chemicals. They have positive or negative effect on us. Some are very famous for there negative effects while others are not but still they gradually affect us. One […]

Is Asean Relevant to the Regional Security of Southeast Asia?

Is ASEAN relevant to the regional security of Southeast Asia? | 16 pages, including cover page3,176 words (excluding footnotes, endnotes, bibliography)| Yes, ASEAN is still relevant to the regional security of Southeast Asia. I will attempt to justify my case by elaborating how the 3 key political accords and the ASEAN way has helped shared ASEAN to what […]

Let Us Face the Future: the Labour Party 1945 Manifesto

Let Us Face the Future: The Labour Party 1945 Manifesto At the very end of World War 2, the British people is craving for a change in the economic and social policies of their country. In fact, the Great Depression and pre-war Conservative governments were very disappointing : Chamberlain’s (from 1937 to 1940) and Churchill’s (from 1940 to […]

Stakeholders and Shareholders Debate

The stakeholder theorists smell blood. Scandals at Enron, Global Crossing, ImClone, Tyco International and WorldCom, concerns about the independence of accountants who are charged with auditing financial statements, and questions about the incentive schema and investor recommendations at Credit Suisse First Boston and iMerrill Lynch have all provided rich fodder for those who question the premise of shareholder […]

How to Find a Job

How to find a job? – some advice for the unemployed. The first step in finding a job is to write a resume or prepare to complete a job application. Depending on the type of job you are searching for, you will need a resume, CV (curriculum vitae) and a cover letter or you will need to complete […]


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