The Need for Humanitarian Intervention in Sudan-Darfur Crisis

“The Right to protect and the Need for Intervention”3 Success, challenges and constraints in the AU intervention5 Recent Development in the Region8 Conclusion9 References10 Introduction The main purpose of this essay is to conduct an analysis of the crisis in Sudan with particular focus on Darfur. This analysis has touched different aspects of the conflict including justification for […]

Motivation and Employee Performance

Effects of motivation on employees’ performance in an organization The problem can be placed within human resource management perspective as there maybe issues catering to research literature for instance, there maybe lack of support into employee motivation for positive performance indicator in the organization, for example, the presence of too much authority can affect employee performance due to […]

Secure Electronic Transactions

Secure Electronic Transactions (SET) is an open protocol which has the potential to emerge as a dominant force in the securing of electronic transactions. Jointly developed by Visa and MasterCard, in conjunction with leading computer vendors such as IBM, SET is an open standard for protecting the privacy, and ensuring the authenticity, of electronic transactions. This is critical […]

Critical Mass Analysis

Critical Mass Analysis Unit 2 Deena Rothwell Kaplan University GM505 Action Research and Consulting Skills Professor Gunzelman October 26 ,2010 Critical Mass Analysis In order for a researcher to conduct an action research analysis several factors must be determined. The specific purpose for the research, the components, and stakeholders. My action research project is to address a specific […]

Kubla Khan

“Kublah Khan” Samuel Coleridge’s poem “Kubla Khan” is an example of romantic creative thought which uses idealistic process to capture a dream of another world. Through the use of strong imagery, Coleridge produces a paradise like vision of a rich landscape, which is surrounded by a dome built by the main character named for the title, Kublah Khan. […]

Customers’ Satisfaction on Internet Service

Today’s business world is completely based on customers’ needs, wants and demands. Most business organizations are now focusing on customer satisfaction to attain their goals and objectives. Their all efforts are to increase the value of customers and therefore growth and development of the business. Again the increasing level of competition compels the businesses to focus on the […]

Project on Telenor

Acknowledgement: We have the pearl of our eyes to admire blessing of the compassionate and omnipotent because the words are bound, knowledge is limited and time is short to express His dignity. It is one of the infinite blessings of almighty ALLAH that He bestowed us with potential and ability to complete the present training and make a […]

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