Businesses anyone who has access to the internet

Businesses will have different
ways of communicating their information with their audience, depending on the
business what way they are going to use, or sometimes they use combination of
methods in order to make their communication with their customers possible. As
technology is playing big part in the business industry, there are electronic
and non-electronic methods of communication.

Electronic communication: The Internet and electronic communication is the new
ways to communicate. These days business interacts with their various  constituents differently employees, board
members, customers, partners and others depending upon the nature of the
message, the goals that the business trying to achieve as well as the strengths
and weaknesses of the available media, telephones, voice mail, fax machines,
print, etc. this will help the business to achieving their goals by simply being
able to communicate with different people such as their employees when they
need to send an important message to instruct their staff of an new thing , this
will help then get it to each employee faster as they wouldn’t have to arrange

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WWW: It is globally used and can be accessed to anyone. It is primarily used
as a medium for communication to anyone. The subheading of electronic
communications is the screen-based and email. The target audience is basically
anyone with access to the Internet as there are massive amount of information
on the WWW. Search engines like Google have made it much easier for anyone who
has access to the internet to find information. For example, in john Lewis
staff there will have an access to the internet, however it will be restricted
access and search, in addition, this will only be available for the staff who
work in the offices such as managers and head office operators. John Lewis will
use this method to communicate to their customers through their website, for example,
John Lewis website will have each section labelled for what products are sold
in that section, this is used to make it easier for the customer to navigate
around their website and find what they looking for quickly. John Lewis will
use this method to communicate to their customers through their website, for
example, John Lewis website will have each section labelled for what products
are sold in that section, this is used to make it easier for the customer to
navigate around their website and find what they looking for quickly. This will
help john Lewis increasing their reputation as customers will not be
complaining that it is hard to find a specific product online.

Email: It is an electronic form of letter. It is
used heavily nowadays. It is however a double edged as one person can view an
email as factual and precise whereas other can view it as rude and blunt. It is
not very reliable form of communication. It is only used for Q. The
target audience are the young customers, this because high number of young
people are able to use the email for many things such as shopping as they will
have to sign up before purchasing a product. John Lewis could use email in
order to get in touch with another employee in business regarding any help if
needed. This is very beneficial for John Lewis, as they will be ab le to
promote their business and the new products that are in the business through
email, this will have a very low cost on John Lewis and will also save them
time as people will be sent a link to the John Lewis website, therefore, people
will get to know more about john Lewis which means that there are new customers
will be coming into the business.

Phone Call: It is more personal than email and there are
less scope for misinterpretation and misunderstanding. Everything can be
resolved faster by phone call than the written communication. The audience can
be employee, friend, or customer. This will only use by the managers and phone
call centre, for example, this method can be used when advertising. The benefit
of this is that John Lewis will not have to waste time by arranging meetings
and appointment for the customers to come, also this will be easier for John
Lewis and their customers to communicate and sort out any issues that wouldn’t
take long to be sorted, these can be issues such as a problem with customers not
being able to use their loyalty card or even their gifts cards.

Fax: It is used less frequently yet still used in
many businesses. It is a scanned document that is sent through a telephone line
to a recipient. It is used to send documents quickly if only a hard copy is
available such as a signed contract. The audience can be anyone with a fax,
employees, or customers. To make it easier to make orders, John Lewis could
send a fax to their supplier regarding their next order of what products they
need in store. This will help John Lewis saving time contacting their suppliers
in order to make their order, this because they will have the ability to list
all their orders, meaning that there’s a lower chance of John Lewis making a
mistake while making an order.

Conferencing: It allows the
companies to communicate with other businesses that are far away. It can save
the travelling cost and time. There is service that allows more than two businesses
to communicate with each other in different location. The target audience are
more likely to be business people. As John Lewis is owned by partners, this can
be used when the owners want to communicate while being able to see each other
such as in a video call. This will help the managers in john Lewis to be able
to contact the owners and speak to them. For example, a John Lewis store has
low funds; therefore, it will be easier for the managers to explain the
situation to the owner in order to be able to get more funds into the store.
This means that there is more time saved for both the managers and owners
instead of having to meet, this will be very useful if the owner and the
manager in different parts of the country.

Non-Electronic communication:

Face-to-Face: It is the most efficient form of
communication between anyone. It allows both parties to express what they want
to say and responding to each other. It also enables both parties to exchanges
hard copies as well. The target audience is pretty much wide. John Lewis responsible
will be using this method quite often as they will need to speak to their
staff, for example in meetings or when speaking to individual when giving instructions.
This is a very useful method for John Lewis as sometimes electronic can’t
express how the other person is feeling, for example, if member of the staff was
talking fine but there way of getting their message across over the phone could
sound as they are being rude when they not. This could affect the business as
well as the employee if they received a complaint from a customer. Having face
to face meeting is much easier to express how the person is feeling through
being able to see what their tone and body language.

Invoice: The invoice lists the quantity of each item, the prices, service
description, and a contact address for payment. It is a legal document which
can be used as evidence of an incurred debt. The target audiences are mainly
the buyer of the item and those with outstanding pay. This will be used by John
Lewis when giving their customers a receipt when they have paid amount of money
when buying a product. This a very important for the customers and john Lewis
to have, as sometimes the customer will want to return the product, therefore,
they will need an invoice to be able to prove that they have bought this
specific product on the date that was mentioned. This will save the customer as
well as John Lewis staff time, this will also save John Lewis from being robbed
through customers claiming that they have bought a product when they didn’t
however, they claim that they want to return it.

Memorandum: It is used for internal communication
between the departments within an organisation. The target audience can be the
employees within the organisation. John Lewis will be able to use this method
when they are wanting to give their staff new information regarding anything
new in the store, for example, when a new product in the store, the manager
will need to make sure that the staff have the right knowledge about the new
products, in order to make sure that the staff are able to explain the product
to the customers. This will benefit John Lewis as it is a useful way of getting
a message across to the staff when there has not been a meeting. For example,
if the manager wants to inform a floor staff that there is a new product that
needs to be piled neatly in a specific area, they will be able to see it on a
notice bored on a printed paper to inform them of the new products.

Letter: It must be of high standards of communication. It must be clear with the
information and should have introduction, details, and how should the reader
respond to the letter. It may give rise to the legal liability. It can be
formal or informal, specialised or simple, impartial or emotional, and/or
reasoned or strongly advising. The target audience will be mainly customers, as
John Lewis might have to send customer information about the business or either
anything such as gift cards. In business, letters will always need to be
formal, as this will show the professional image of the business, therefore,
john Lewis will require the staff that are responsible for sending the letters,
this will need to make sure that the content is fully appropriate and written
in a formal way, this is just to make sure that the staff are able to prove the
professionalism of the company.

John Lewis will be
using both of the methods electronic and non-electronic communication, this
because there are times and situation where they can’t either use an electronic
methods, for example if there is a regular customer and John Lewis wanted to
reward them, the business will not have to call the customer in the store as it
is easier to send a thanking letter and could have a gift card inside it,
however, John Lewis sometimes they might not be able to use the non-electronic
communication, therefore, they will have to use the electronic method. For
example, if something urgent that has come up in the store and they want to
contact the owner, they will not be able to see them face to face as they could
be in another city, therefore. They will have to either phone call them or use
the video conferencing methods as it will save the owner time of having to come
up to the store.

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