by Peggy Butler As the models made their



by Peggy


As the
models made their way down the pier, a spectator noticed the unusual cut of the
skirt, draped across the buttocks 
of  the willowy ingénue.  To the delighted admirer, the skirt stood up amazingly
high, leading him to conclude that the designer created  a special undergarment  to produce the elevated effect.

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After the
show ended, the man who identified himself as a fashion buyer, asked the
designer about the  unique and unusual
garment. Unique, because it could not be detected under the sheerest garment,
and unusual because of the gravitated effect it gave the derriere. Stunned  by  the
buyer’s observation, the designer laughed as he explained the “mystery” behind
the model’s rear end. Five seconds into the conversation, the buyer discovered
that what the model wore was not a garment, but something that all of us  possess whether real or artificial, hips.


 Yep hips! They can be flat as pancakes,  taunt as leather, flabby as jello, high as the
ceiling, round, curvaceous or sagging. Anyway you slice it, we’re talking
about  the derriere, keester,  butt, behind, bootay or whatever you  prefer to call it. 


For years
the world has witnessed the onslaught of the ample  bootay, from South America to San Francisco. In other words, some women have
been inundated with butts that defy logic. Do the names Nicki Minaj and Serena
Williams ring a bell?  Thus, the desire
for  more curvier bottoms, prompted a
surgical procedure called the Brazilian Butt lift, which puts a little more
junk into the rear ends of  women with
small hips, or those who just want a little more jam in their jelly. 


the popularity of these bulbous butts, can women who possess larger than
average behinds find happiness in the modeling industry? The answer is yes and




 A Blast From The Past



It was in
1991 that the fashion industry got its first taste of  “The Bootay”. 
The model was Beverly Peele, who flexed her unusual rear end in the
August 1991 issue  of  Elle magazine. Sixteen at the time, the eight
page layout featured Peele in a Robert Mannino thong bikini, clutching flowers
to her breasts. When viewing the photo spread whether you were  male or female, the feature that captured
everyone’s attention was her butt. On viewing the photo, a photographer
described Peele’s rear end as seeming to stretch for miles on end. She has what
he characterized as a “high butt.” A high butt indeed. And although Peele and
her butt made headlines, with the exception of full-figured models, hips
measuring 36 inches and under is still the norm in
the modeling  industry. However, when a
Bootay turns up in popular magazines it still garners attention.  



whether it’s Beyonce shaking  her
bootay  to the pulse  of 
Single Ladies, or  scantily clad
dancers shaking their groove thing in rap videos, there’s no doubt  that the bootay is back. And it’s rounder,
squisher and more  popular than ever.
Thus, women who previously crammed themselves into girdles, subjecting
themselves to the torture of  nylon and
rubber are now throwing them away. And letting 
it all hang out one cheek at a time, making way for the
Bootay in all its maximum grandeur.

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