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By referring to the scenario given the two types of computer security risks involved which are software piracy and software theft.
Towards a new era, the world has seen rapid growth and great achievements in the field of information technology. This has resulted in the expansion and rapid progression of the software companies. As the software companies have expanded in huge numbers, so it has the criminal activity of software piracy. Software companies have been plagued by piracy since ages .The technology advanced have made it easy for everyone to create and distributed copyrighted software anywhere, anytime and to anyone. These same technologies have made large-scale commercial copyright infringement a major form of thefts and fraud. Software piracy has been identified as the worst problem facing the software companies today. It has not only affected the software companies but also has caused much panic for the content owners.
Software piracy is unauthorized reproduction of copyrighted software.Difference purpose can be done by using unauthorized software such as personal use, business use and even selling copies of the pirated software.However,pirating copyrighted software is illegal in all countries but there are still millions of computer users pirating copyrighted software in the world.The rate of pirated software are increasing day by day with the growing use of computers and this activity not only affects the economy of software companies but also affects the loyal customers who actually purchase their products as intended.Software piracy can occurred in different form.The most common want is the ‘End User Piracy’.For example, when individuals and businesses make copies of software without a license to do so. People may copy a program and give it to others without realizing that this is a software piracy.There are some common types of software piracy.One of it is softlifting.Softlifting can be define as a legally licensed software program is installed or copied in violation of its licensing agreement.(Retrived from Such of this activites may cause the software industry to lose billions of dollars and decreases in profit gains each month whether a large software companies or a small software companies.It often happens when an organization company expand their computer and uses unauthorized software rather than uses licensed software to reduce their cost in buying licensed software which required a code .That code is needed to activate the software .Therefore,to reduce the cost of buying the code,certain companies uses unauthorized software instead of using licensed software.Futhermore,software piracy can be download via internet which was the fastest and easiest way . There certain websites that make software available for free download in such number of ways.Many of the users of computer use software by downloading through the internet instead of buying which make their live more easy as they do not even need to visit stores or sending out copies of software on a CD-ROM or floppy disk.Such techniques make our lifes more easier but this increase the internet piracy which occurs in different forms such as downloading or uploading of illegal copies of software over the Internet.Software piracy also can be done through software counterfeiting.Software counterfeiting is a type of software piracy that occurs when fake copies of software are produced in such a way that they appear to be authentic.(Retrived from .

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