By children but their families too. Mutual trust

By staff/adults being professional and having a commonsense approach is the best way to protect themselves against any accusations or suspicions of abuse. Following the E-safety Policy clearly explains about social media and apps such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It’s imperative that staff/adults are familiar with policies and procedures within the school setting and have a clear understanding of how the roles relate to the safeguarding issues.
Policies and Procedures are there to support and advise staff how to protect themselves in their everyday roles. This also includes risk assessing to minimise potential risks. Maintain child/adult ratio’s, Getting permissions from parents/carers, behaviour strategies- remains consistent even if you’re on a trip or local visit. We have regular Safeguarding training and discussions to encourage staff to raise any concerns they may have.
Going back to positive effective communication and building relationships. I feel this is so important not only with the children but their families too. Mutual trust and two way communication is so helpful and mutually beneficial.
Don’t ever put yourself in a vulnerable position with a child/YP.

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