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Cal Newport is an author who published an article called Quit Social Media. Throughout the article, Newport emphasizes that you don’t need social media to get through life. In the beginning of his article he indicates “You should just quit social media because it can hurt your career”.   The main focus of this article points out that you do not need social media to get through life. Social media is mostly hurting you not helping you especially in your career. Newport made a good point where he approached that social media can destroy your career in the future. Social media is an obstacle. It is a distraction against focusing on your work because I can see the effects of it in myself.  Newport gave an example from a New York magazine essay. Andrew Sullivan who wrote the essay, brought to mind that every half hour or so, he felt the urge to update his blog and related it as to someone updated their Facebook page to get those follows or likes. Getting feedback on social media is important to a certain extent but to talk to someone face to face is going to get you more beneficial feedback than judging how many views, likes, comments, and retweets your content is getting on social media. I feel that today in the social aspects people update their social media to let everyone know what they are doing and their opinion on things. Social media has taken over people’s lives and you can look at that in a good way or a bad way. From the positive aspect of it, you can meet new people, get to listen to music, discover movies, advertisement, etc. The negative aspect of it is that people overuse social media where it can hurt their career in the future. It has also hurt people from not talking face to face. Newport delivered “Most social media is best described as a collection of somewhat trivial entertainment services that are currently having a good run. These networks are fun, but you’re deluding yourself if you think that Twitter messages, posts and likes are a productive use of your time”. I agree with the statement Newport had written because it is true. Social media is a waste of your time unless it is for something useful like school work or for your job. Social media has been expanding over years where you it has been a huge distraction to younger teens. I see kids who are 6 years old that have an iPhone or iPad that they can’t take their eyes off of. It is sad and I see why Newport is addressing this concept.  Newport expressed that “Many people in my generation fear that without social media presence, they would be invisible to the job market”. This quote stood out to me due to that fact that business revolves around social media. I say that because the social media world provides you access to opportunities you might receive or saw to get what you need done.  If I could add to this article it would be the positive outcome of social media. I felt that this article was all about negativity and all about your career. Yes, your career has majority of what you do on social media but you also learn and discover new things that appear. 

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