Canada very connected to Britain. In the First

Canada built a good reputation with other international countries during World War II due to the fact that Canada successfully saved countries from the Nazi’s. To this day, Canada has a great relationship with the Dutch people. This is because in the Liberation Of the Netherlands, Canada freeded the Dutch from the Nazi’s. The Canadian Army played a huge part in saving the Dutch people who suffered from starvation and hardship by the Nazi’s and the Germans in 1944. They also liberated the Netherlands from Germany occupation. As a teenage dutch civilian stated with joy when speaking about the Canadians liberating the Netherlands, “As the (Canadian) take came nearer there was a big hush over all the people, and it was suddenly broken by a big scream, as if it was out of earth. And the people climbed on the tank and they were crying.  And we were running with the tanks and the jeeps all the way to the city”. This quote proves how happy and thankful the Dutch people were for the Canadians giving them a good reputation.  Canada also built a good reputation by successfully winning in the Italian campaign. Canadian, British and American troops landed in Sicily, Italy in 1943.  There were nearly 30, 000 allied landing craft and ships. As well, after the new Italian government surrendered the Canadians went on to liberate the town of Ortona.  This gave Canada a good reputation with other countries because they were able to free Italy of the Nazi’s and of Germany leading towards the end of the war. World War II solidified Canada’s independence because they were able to make there own decisions compared to in World War I they were very connected to Britain. In the First World War the Canadian parliament never got to choose if they wanted to join the war. When Britain entered the war, Canada was in it as well as Britain’s allies. However, Canada’s independence shined through when Britain and France declared war on Germany on September 3, 1939 but Canada entered the war on September 10, 1939, 7 days later. The growth of Canada’s independence in World War II is shown because they got to make their own choice when entering the war this time. Further evidence of this is William Lyon Mackenzie King said when Canada was entering the war, “Canada, as a free nation of the British Commonwealth, is bringing her cooperation voluntarily. Our effort will be voluntary.” proving that although Canada was its own independent country, they still chose to enter the war and  voluntarily helped Britain. During World War II, for the first time, Canada was able to show their strength as military as an independent country. The Royal Canadian Air Force, also known as the RCAF, trained over 131,000 aircrew for our allies. The Battle of Britain, which occured in 1940 against the Germans, could not have been won without the help of the Royal Canadian Air Force. More than 100 people from the Royal Canadian Air Force served to help win Britain win the in the Battle of Britain. The strength that the Canadian military had was also shown during D-Day, Juno Beach. In 1994, the most successful operation carried out on D-day was the Canadian landings in their section of Juno Beach. Additionally, Canada was also the first military to reach their post and there were 110 Royal Canadian Navy ships with 10,000 aboard to support the invasion as well. Canada’s military was perceived as strong during World War II showing their independence. In conclusion, Canada’s success in liberating countries from the Nazi’s, ability to make their own decisions and their military’s strengths throughout World War II improved Canada’s international reputation and showed their independence growth.

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