Canada in the Roseland Theatre and the Trial.

Canada has a history of making famous figures who have taken matters in their own hands to make a difference. Viola Desmond the first female to be on the ten 10$ bill, but that’s not just one of her significant things she has done in Canada’s history. Viola Desmond significant acts was her, Entrepreneur and being Community Leader, standing up in the Roseland Theatre and the Trial.
Viola Desmond is essential to Canadian history as she is the first woman to be on the $10. These are the 3 reasons why she is important to Canadian history. Her essential acts is being an Entrepreneur and being Community Leader, standing up in the Roseland Theatre and the Trial.
Entrepreneur and being a Community Leader.

In the early 1900s, many people wore hairstyles that needed lots of special products and maintenance. Since these hair and beauty styles became such a big trend, there were opportunities for female entrepreneurs to open businesses. Beauty salons became a center of the Black community, it was a place for Black women to get together and talk. Viola quickly became successful while opening her hair salon.She opened a beauty school, the Desmond School of Beauty Culture. Desmond made the school in order to help young Black women gain work skills. Women from all across Canada enrolled in her school. The school later trained all the employees to become beauticians, which they found fascinating with all of desmond’s help. She then stretched out her whole business across the province which then later on was becoming one of the biggest hair salons in their province. She then began the to crate her own beauty line of products. Making a successful black-owned brand was very rare at the time. Black Canadians were still being so heavily discriminated against. Discrimination was at its peak during the viola desmond times, but without these discrimaing things said to her, she wouldn’t be the person who she was today and the difference she made in today’s society. Although racism was not officially part of Canadian society, there were things that black Canadians “just couldn’t do.”

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