Career Vision

Career Vision is the ability to reliably access images associated with work activities and work environments that hold the potential for sustained, meaningful engagement.” Timothy Butler Career is the most significant in life. It governs how well we should achieve our goals and milestones . having a proper defined plan to reach our ultimate dream it needs a clear way of planning, which focus on our skills that should be improved, the experiences that should be gained and mastered to start off ith this expedition.The main objective of this plan is to provide myself a clear view of my position as at today and how far I am from achieving my career goal as a director The world is moving very fast and the expectations to find satisfying employment requires that a plan of action has to be put in place as soon as possible. in this competitive business environment graduates are often challenged. Employers tend to look for special skills to recruit very energetic and self-motivated individuals. I would be showing a very comprehensive career plan as how I take every step to reach my ultimate goal.

This plan shows the starting point of my career as a management trainee for John keels PLC, as how I am going to use that experiences as a milestone towards my future of being a director of a company and recognized as top business tycoon . initially I am to explore myself and prove how I am the best candidate for this position of management trainee at John keels PLC. 2. 0 Self-evaluation I am considered to be a very strong and positive individual who have a strong sense to be very self-confident and creative.I have a Very outgoing personality and openness to experiences, I feel I am a person who is very creative and enjoying trying ut new things.

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I also work with teams as I have worked before at my previous Job. I tend to listen and grasp others ideas in making decisions. These characteristics of mine are also reflected through the big five test (appendix2) rating me as very extrovert socializing and outgoing personality. my leadership test proves that I have a positive mindset in strong leadership.I am capable of being to recognize feelings of others and manage emotions to create strong relationship, leadership test (appendix 3) Based on my personality and interest I feel that I want to pursue a career which let e to be innovative, creative, interact with new people and gives me opportunity, new experiences and new learning. I also would like to manage people and drive them toward an achievement of goal and to work collectively. 3. 0 Personal insights for chosen Career Path My desire has always been to work cooperatively with people and also like to be more productive in the Job I do and accountable for all the changes.

When it comes to become a director, it’s important to study all areas in the business. Identify trends and recommends proactive or remedial action to manage business situations. Giving more information about my skills (appendix3) shows that I am a very transformational leader and also being a good role model these are some skills which an employee looks at a top business men. I see becoming a top business man is not easy and many skills have to be mastered to be in a successful in this post. I intend to use my experiences as management trainee at John keells PLC as i can strengthen my foundation.Management field is responsible for working alongside managers and accepting delegated responsibilities and duties with the goal of eventually becoming a good manager. Sri Lanka is coming up with many new projects and its industry is also booming up.

Therefore the opportunities for management trainees are available. Blue chip companies are still hunting new management trainees as they believe it would be a opportunity for them to maximize on the young talents. At this preliminary stage I am interested in gaining the management trainee position at JKH with the aim of polishing my managerial skills.John keells PLC is a reputed company it’s one of the largest listed conglomerate on the Colombo Stock Exchange. Other measures tell a similar tale; their group companies manage the largest number of otel rooms in Sri Lanka, own the country’s largest privately-owned transportation business and hold leading positions in Sri Lanka’s key industries: tea, food and beverage manufacture and distribution, logistics, real estate, banking and information technology; I believe the experience in John keells PLC as a management trainee will serve me well in future.It will serve me not only with a Job but provide with many experiences and knowledge. I hope working to John keells PLC will provide me a good start to my career along with my pervious experiences and also this xposure will prepare me towards the goal I am aiming for. 3.

3 Personal Objective To be recognized as a top business tycoon and Director of a company. My objective is to work for a reputed organization which is innovative, embraces changes and which gives opportunity to work in diverse business.This would enable me to give the best for its success, while I climb up the ladder following my dreams and goals, utilizing my skills which would ultimately let me thrive as top business men in the industry while achieving both financial and self-satisfaction. 4. 0 Industry analysis Industry factors for management trainees Management trainee position could be found in many areas such as the internet and print media. Demand for management trainee tends to be growing. s you can see many companies these days are following the style of internship programs to recruit management trainees as they believe to get the best out of them.

(Industry analysis) This position also has further ladders to climb within the industry to be high in position as a chairman of the company, Chief executive officer, Managing director, any type of director in specific industry/department. Considering about the arketing and management industry in sri lanka, its dynamic and very fast moving.This requires us to push our strengths and creativity to a limit. Thus make me believe I am belonging to the right industry.

The overall industry is very influenced by the fast changing information and the technology changes day to day. so I feel my knowledge in marketing and management will be an advantage for being a top business director. I have selected John keells PLC as my company to start off with a new career. Current company In terms of market capitalization, John Keells Holdings PLC is one of the largest listed onglomerates on the Colombo Stock Exchange.Other measures tell a similar tale; our group companies manage the largest number of hotel rooms in Sri Lanka, own the country’s largest privately-owned transportation business and hold leading positions in Sri Lanka’s key industries: tea, food and beverage manufacture and distribution, logistics, real estate, banking and information technology. Our investment in Sri Lanka is so deep and widely diversified that our stock price is sometimes used by international financial analysts as a benchmark of the country’s economy.For 140 years, we have remained proudly independent, forcefully committed to rivate ownership and private dividends, and relying on foresight, expertise and integrity for success and growth.

Having a significant portion of our shares held by foreign investors, our Group has also partnered with some of the world’s finest business establishments, from DHL to American Airlines to Toshiba, and from Thomas Cook to Kuoni. For emerging-market investors and those seeking a business partner in Sri Lanka, John Keells is an option that simply cannot be ignored. .

0 Individual position in the Job market In this competitive business world with many competitive applicants and very limited opportunities. t seems that we should shine up among them creating an edge . maximizing on our talents and skills. To elaborate more on which makes me standing out and which gives me an edge over others. I have taken different personality test such as Human metrics Jung Typology test, big five test, hemispheric demonic test.

appendixl, 2) i have also performed a SWOT analysis, leader ship skills test and also project management skills test (appendix5) According to the test I have taken the results states that, big five test describes me as a very outgoing personality social and extremely energetic and forgiving nature. Human metrics Jung Typology test categories me in a group of ENFJ where such are more extravert, intuitive, feeling and Judging . the hemispheric demonic test states that I use both side of my brain, which me make understand and also think very broadly.The test also shows that I should improve myself in sensing. I tend to pay less attention, slight preference of judging persons. I should seek new experiences. in the leadership skills though I fall into the excellent category: the evaluation suggests that I should further improve on my confidence level which I tend to have high confidence.

5. 1 SWOT analysts Strengths I am a team player and have the ability to work and also to motivate team members to achieve their goals.I have gained one year experience in the banking sector. I have also gained experiences in customer services. I have attended many workshops and gained more knowledge.

I have good computer literacy and capable in using MS office and other software’s. Being Graduated in management and marketing will enhance my ability to manage well. This knowledge will help me to cope with other positions as a management trainee. Very entertaining and sporty.

With a positive attitude willing to do any task or objective.I am a person who tends to get dependent Have a propensity of getting stressed when provoked with too much of work. Tend to get distracted easily. Lazy at times Opportunities Boom in Sri Lankan markets for more management trainees Increasing connectivity through social media networks such as Linked In, Face Book and twitter Chance of getting international exposure. Sri Lanka is coming up with new projects and investments. Internship programs held every year at different organizations Threats Fast changing Skill requirements in the industry.

Increasing competition within the graduates with added qualifications Political nfluences in Sri Lanka for acquiring a decent Job opportunity To many business graduates. 6. 0 Employer expectations from a graduate As a management trainee employers expects a graduate to be committed and has a skill set which is comprised with 1. Interpersonal and communication skills (written and oral) 2. Drive and commitment/industry knowledge 3. Critical reasoning and analytical skills/technical skills 4.Caliber of academic results 5. Cultural alignment/values fit 6.

Work experience 7. Teamwork skills 8. Emotional intelligence (including self-awareness, confidence, motivation) 9. Leadership skill 0. Activities (including intra and extracurricular) 11. Computer skills 12 managerial and leadership qualities The above mention skills are requires by the entire management trainee which irrespective of the chosen industry.

Apart from the above skills employer’s also wants there employee to be very ethical ( Daniel D. 6. 1 Career Plan 6. 2 Detailed action plan Immediate plan To gain experience as a management trainee at John keells PLC and complete the To Gain a management trainee position at John keells PLC Being a management and marketing degree holder need experiences and knowledge f the current market with interpersonal, management skills and excellent computer literacy One year experiences in banking industry with great knowledge in the current market, Strong academic, variety of skills and trainings attended.All-rounder, including sports Being in a Management position and gaining expert knowledge in marketing. Complete charted in marketing to have an in-depth knowledge in marketing. While gaining experience as a management trainee I intend to follow charted institute in marketing through a 6 month duration program to gain further knowledge. Attend leadership training programs to further improve my leader ship skills Attend seminars and training to control stress I’ll frequently follow newspaper advertisements.

And check online for Job offers I will send my CV to reputed blue chip companies apart from John keells PLC for management trainee positions I will also keep in touch with my previous work place to know about emerging Job opportunities. To build up the network through the help of social media and direct contacts which would be a great influence and source in getting connected with employers Target completion on feburary10th 2014 Long term plan To be a director in marketing of a company and recognized as a business Tycoon Gaining managerial skills and polishing interpersonal skills.Master’s in business administrations and with specialization in marketing Join John keells PLC or MAS holdings which is one of the leading companies in Sri Lanka Build up a portfolio of my own strategies in marketing Gain 7 – 10 year experience in company that would educate me and nourish me for the future Be a marketing Director with extensive managerial and unique skills Target completion in the year of 2030 7. 0 Job advertisement 7. 1 Cover letter Aakif samsheer Dehiwela Human resource manager John keells PLC (pvt) Colombo 02 Dear Mr.

/ Mrs.With regards to the management trainee position at John keells PLC I am writing to express my interest in management trainee position offered at John keells PLC. I am excited about working in your company and I believe that my skills and experience are well suited to this position, along with my basketball talents which I could use to play for the team. To encapsulate my personality, I am Social, Empathetic, Talkative and outgoing, also self-motivated team player who is ready to take up challenges. I managed to pass my ordinary level and advanced level qualifications.My education qualifications may not be amongst the brightest, but I realized it is better late than never to make a positive change and get thing things done. Hence, I am applying as management trainee which I believe would be a perfect introduction into the corporate world and instill me experience and values that is necessary to climb the corporate ladder. As you will see on my enclosed resume, I am reading for my Double major in Business Management and Marketing from Edith Cowan University, Australia.

Currently I am following the degree at The Australian College of Business & Technology (ACBT).In addition to the degree, I have also worked at Ndb bank as a business development associate and also completed (LCCI) EDI Level 3 Certification in Customer Service and EDI Level 3 Certificate in Marketing, Diploma in Hardware Engineering with Networking. I have learned the value of excellent customer service from experience I have gained. I have superb written and verbal communication skills and proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. This would be my stepping stone in my areer, and I would greatly appreciate if you could consider me as a management Trainee position.Please do not hesitate to contact me requesting for any more details. Yours Truly, Aakif Samsheer AAKIF AHAMED M. S E: [email protected]

com D. O. B: 14. 01. 1992 Address: N05 p: 0759252585 RatnakaraPlace, Dehiwela 0778774644 Career goal: I am a 21 year old; seeking a position which combines challenges and responsibilities within the field of strategy, innovation and development in contemporary issues where there is a dire need to be addressed. Education 2013 -present 2010-August 2009 1996- 2010 Edith Cowan University, AustraliaBachelor of Arts in Business Management & Marketing (Currently studying Final year after completing two years) Turnkey, IT Training Diploma in Hardware Engineering with Networking London Chamber of Commerce & Industry International EDI Level 3 Certification in Customer Service EDI Level 3 Certificate in Marketing Secondary Education (K-12) Alethea International School Languages English, Sinhalese and Tamil (Fully Proficiency), Experience 2011-2012 2010 Business Development Associate, National Development Bank Managing Personal Loans (Mortgage, Permit,).

Credit Cards, Personal Savings, Fixed Deposit. Mercantile Investments (Clientele such as LB Finance, WiJeya Newspapers, etc. ) Telecom Executive, Providence BPO Company Project a professional company image through phone interaction. Computer literate with the ability to learn customer service software applications such as Orange CRM, Five9 to retrieve customer information from the database.Leadership Trainee Prefect, House Games Secretary, Basketball Vice-Captain Under 13-19 Seminars/ Workshops Arrow is a one day workshop that will give an insight to school leavers, students and undergraduates who are ready to begin work in a corporate environment giving them pportunities to understand our many businesses and career opportunities available.Other areas of soft skills such as Business Etiquette, Communication, Professionalism and CVtips A work readiness workshop conducted by the John Keells Group Professional development seminar conducted by Trevor Mendis (Management Consultant, Strategist and a University senior lecturer) IBS Campus, Colombo Certificate in Islamic Banking Fundamentals.

Sports Competitive Athlete and Basketball player Colors Award for Basketball, Zonal Education Office, Piliyandala Champion Athlete Award, Under 17 Athletic MeetChampion Athlete Award, Under 15 Athletic Meet Colors Award for Basketball, Zonal Education Office, Piliyandala 3 Year School Basketball Colors men Activities Scouting Troop of Alethea (30th Colombo), Completed Districted Award Member of the Interact Club, United Nations Club Islamic Society. Leisure and Interests Volunteering for causes such as Aids and Cancer, Spending time with Family Cooking, Basketball, Beach Runs, Photography, Fishing and Fitness, dancing Referees M. M.

M. Kaleel (AFA(UK) IPF(UK) AAT(UK)) Tax Accountant Unawatuna Beach Resort Hotel Mobile : 0777249664 Thanzyl ThaJudeen,Founder and Consultant of Istiqaama. 01 12726581 / 0777655168 8.

0 Selection Criteria 8. 1 Academic Qualifications I have completed my higher education from Alethea international school and have faced with both advance and ordinary level. I have also completed advance diploma in management and marketing from Australian Collage of Business and Technology which is affiliated by a reputed Australian University; Edith Cowan. 8. 2 Practice in Management and Marketing My parents acknowledged as me born marketer as I was able to speak and convince people. Helping dad in his business giving ideas.

Gained more practical knowledge

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