Cda Competency Goal 1

Goal 1 To Establish and Maintain a Safe, Healthy, Learning Enviornment There are several things that I do everyday to ensure the saftey of my classroom. I always maintain an accurate child supervision record and do my classroom counts every 30 minutes, or more often when necessary, to make sure that my head count matches the actual number of children in my classroom. The way the classroom is set up also helps ensure the safty of the children. Our stations are set up to reduse open floor space and the opportunity to run freely indoors.

I have also protected any sharp table or cabinet corners to prevent an injury if a child falls. I keep my emergency routes posted and easily visible from any where in the room and my emergency contacts are always with my CSR’s and easily accessible. At the end of each day I clean and sanitize my classroom and remove any broken toys that could cause an injury to a child. Many routines that I follow on a daily basis contribute to maintaining a healthy enviornment.

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Cleaning and sanitizing all items in the actual room, including door handles, chairs, tables, toys, blocks, etc. is a task done multiple times a day.. We also make sure that proper hand washing techniques are being used before and after eating, using the restroom, doing art or science projects, or any other activity when hand washing may be necessary. Kindercare is a large company and this helps us consistently provide healthy and nutritious meals every day.

We always provide meals and snacks that are part of a well balanced diet. One last thing we do to ensure a healthy enviornment is to always have a first aid kit accessable. I have one for the classroom and one for the playground. I also keep a travel first aid kits for bus rides and field trips. Maintaining a possitive learning enviornment is the reason I choose this career path. The learning enviornment in my classroom is derived from several different specific learning stations that make up the room.

We offer stations for math, science, reading , art, dramatic play, and building blocks. Each station is filled with item that directly relate to that stations theme. For example, in our reading station we offer many different books at many different reading levels as well as a comfortable quiet area for the kids to relax and look at books. Our science station is loaded with animals from all walks of life, like farm animals, dinosaurs, marine animals, etc.

We also have a microscope with several different pre-loaded slides, magnets, magnifying glasses, as well as a selection of books with topics such as space, animals, enviornments, dinosaurs, etc. The classroom set-up has allowed a space that can be used for free play or a space that can be used for projects. Often free play and projects can happen at the same time when the class is in groups. I also enjoy getting in there and playing with my kids. It is important to me that learning is a fun and easy process for all those involved.



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