? channels of financial development and domestic savings..

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? Curriculum Vitae ? Personal Statement SACHIN SHARMA [email protected]@ggmail.

.ccom – +991-9555309080 Education Nanyang Technological University,, Singapore 2013-2015 M..

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SSc in Applied Economics,, GPA:: 4.08//55 University of Delhi,, India 2010-2013 B..AA.

. in Economics (hhonours)),, 75%%, Distinction Professional Experience Research Internship, Strategic Research Unit,, Reserve Bank of India (RRBI)) 2017- Present ? Monitored and assessed macro indicators in external,, government and financial sectors ? Working with senior economists in preparing policy notes on economic activity ? Working on project:: How does RBI regulation to manage portfolio equity inflows affect stock prices – an empirical study based on daily script level data.. Oil Market Analyst, Facts Global Energy,, Singapore 2015- 2016 ? Formulate the short, medium and long-term forecasts and overall outlook for supply//ddemand balances,, arbitrage and prices ? Responsible for quality of analysis,, research and written reports for East of Suez oil market.

? Develop the pricing analysis capabilities within the wider group.. ? Worked under the guidance of Senior Consultants in writing FGE??ss Proprietary Data-books.. Research Paper „Financial Reforms & Economic Growth:: Evidence from a panel of 89 countries? 2014 This paper focuses on investigating the impact of financial sector reforms on economic growth.. We also study the individual effects of different components of financial reforms on economic growth and investigate different channels through which financial reforms may affect economic growth indirectly.

. The analysis is based on time series data for 89 countries over the period 1973-2005.. The panel data is estimated using both fixed effect and random effect estimators.. The empirical findings show that in general financial reforms have a positive effect on economic growth.. Further,, a more in-depth analysis shows that the major components of financial reforms that affect economic growth are privatization and security market reforms.

. Finally,, financial reforms affect growth through the channels of financial development and domestic savings.. Teaching Experience Department of Economics,, Nanyang Technological University Teaching Assistant,, Principles of Microeconomics Winter 2013 Department of Economics,, Nanyang Technological University Teaching Assistant,, Statistical methods for Economics Winter 2014 Awards and Honors Nanyang Technological University,, Summer Research Fellowship,, 2014 Nanyang Technological University,, Tuition Waiver,, 2013 University of Delhi,, Money,, Market,, and Governance Workshop (PPresenter)),, 2013 University of Delhi,, Distinguished graduate,, 2013 National Scholarship,, India,, 2011 Research Interests Probability theory and stochastic finance Multivariate random effect models Non parametric regression and sampling Data mining and computation Skills Computer Skills: Python,, SAS,, R,, STATA,, LaTeX, and Mathematica Languages:: English (ffluent)),, Hindi (nnative)) References ? Dr.. Edward Tower, Professor Department of Economics Duke University,, Durham,, USA mailto:: [email protected]@eecon..

dduke..eedu Tel: (9919)) 660-1818 ? Dr.. James Ang,, Associate Professor Division of Economics Nanyang Technological University,, Singapore mailto:: james.

[email protected]@nntu..eedu..ssg Tel: +665 65927534 ? Dr..

Yohanes Eko Riyanto, Associate Professor Division of Economics Nanyang Technological University,, Singapore mailto:: [email protected]@nntu..eedu..ssg Tel: +665 65921578 ? Reason I want to do graduate work in Statistics During my studies in Economics,, I realized that statistics is the basic foundation of economic theories..

To study any relationship between any number of variables,, statistics and probability knowledge is a primary requirement.. Statistics is a core research component in almost every field.

. Now,, working as research Intern at Reserve Bank of India (RRBI)),, my team deals with huge amount of time-series macro-economic data (ee..

gg.. Consumer price indices)),, we construct the statistics, perform tests,, construct confidence intervals,, apply various econometric principles and provide short-term and long-term forecast.. This is the raw requirement which help in better designing and formulating policies.

. There has been a massive increase in the data acquired in every field in the last few decades mainly due to tremendous growth in computer science.. This data has to be transformed into information that contributes to optimal decision making..

It will help various agencies to serve the humanity in a better way.. For instance,, it is the understanding of data which has highlighted the major issues we are facing today such as climate change,, rising inequality etc.. Thus,, it becomes important to study such data and bring out meaningful solutions to curb the menace.. The wider implications of statistics and probability in every field and my interest in learning new tools have motivated me to apply for a Doctoral program in statistics.

. ? My Research Interest I was introduced with time series analysis in econometrics and statistical courses in my bachelors as well as in my masters?? degree.. My interest was piqued by the concept that the internal structure in data could be obtained from an intuitively sound model.. My masters? thesis which titled “Financial reforms and Economic growth:: Evidence from a panel data of 89 countries” under the guidance of Professor Dr.

. James Ang (abstract included in the curriculum vitae) involved working with time series data on financial reforms which is captured from a study conducted by Abiad et al..

(22008)) “AA New Database of Financial Reforms.”1 The objective is to study the relationship between financial reforms and economic growth using cross country linear multivariate logistic regression..

The cross country panel data is estimated using both fixed effect and random effect estimators. The results are obtained assuming linear relationship,, but we know that financial phenomenon is complex and non-linear in nature.. I would like to study nonlinear approaches for time series data analysis and its implications in economic forecasting and identifying risk in financial markets. ? My career plans I aspire to acquire both conceptual and operational understanding of statistical principles, probability, computing and mathematics. I would like to serve the academic and research community,, work with other disciplines where statistical knowledge is relied upon..

1 Abiad A..,, Detragiache E.. and Tressel T..

,, 2008,, “AA New Database of Financial Reforms”,, IMF Working Paper WP//008//2266.. 


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