Chapter abuse an overview in this chapter I

Chapter 2 – how drugs work an overview in this Chapter Island thataddiction means different things to different people in different context.

Although addiction does not depend on mainly on the drug itself. Some drugs aremore likely to result in addiction. I also learned about toxicity. That itrefers to psychological poisoning. There are two different types, acutetoxicity and chronic toxicity. Acute is resulting from A cute is resulting frompresence too much of a drug. Then chronic which results from a long-termexposure to a certain drug.In this chapter I agree that narcotic attics seem to engage in criminalmainly to obtain the money most of the time they do is so they can feed ahabit.

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They do the things knowing they shouldn’t but want that high that theywere having an hour or two ago. One drug that is widely accepted iscontributing to crimes and violence is alcohol. I agree with this statementbecause after you turn 21 you can drink all day every day. All you have to dois walk down the street to find a liquor store.I will use this in my life by stopping all kinds of things that I shouldnot be doing. Also educate others to not do anything. Also realizing that drugsaffect everyone different. What might work for someone won’t work for everyone.

I will apply my knowledge to teach others that they shouldn’t abuseddrugs or other substances but also remembering “not all drugs are bad”. Itis just the way you use and abuse them that are bad. You can get pain pills andabused them. But you can also take him when needed.

  Chapter 17 – preventing substances abuse an overview in this chapter Ilearn prevention efforts in mainly focusing on teaching people how to coexistwith their substance and live in a way that doesn’t affect their health intheir lives, so they aren’t affected by the substance they choose to usebefore. I also live in that there are six types of prevention 1) primary 2)secondary 3) tertiary 4) Universal 5) selective and 6) Indicated.I agree with this chapter now I can teach people about the options theyhave out there. They have schools to family prevention programs. I love whenpeople turn your life around. Glad to hear these programs actually work.

Andare making a difference to make our world a better place.How I will buy this to my life. Well now I can pass things on to otherpeople. Let’s make them know they aren’t alone out there. People care and areready to help you get your life back on track.I would apply this to my future because I want to help others staypositive and away from drugs. Help families and or let their loved ones getimportant information to help them live a clean happy and healthy life. Becausethere is someone out there that thinks the world of you.

Why waste a lifetimewith someone over a drug that will be there for a few minutes. I personallylost loved ones from drugs because they felt alone and no one to talk to. Ialso lost friends to drugs. I know how it feels to never to get to talk tosomeone ever again.

Believe me it sucks.  Chapter 18 – treating substance use disorder in this chapter I learnedabout different treatments and how some may be disorders I learned aboutdifferent programs like the Dare which means drug abuse resistant program. Iremember when I was in elementary school and there dare would come once a year.And talk about drugs are bad and you should pledge never to use them. And Ialso learned about a program that works called “alert”.

I agree that kids should have extracurricular activities to keep busy. Sothey don’t have as much time to sit around and explore drugs or drinking. Ialso agree that drugs change a person. They started looking different actingdifferent.How I will apply this to my life I will encourage everyone that there ismore to life than drugs. You have people who love you and care about you. Thatwill miss you when you are gone.

And try to give them as much information aspossible on drugs. Let them know that there are other people out there in theworld that are struggling just like them and to be brave.How I would apply this to my future isby encouraging others to seek help when needed.

I’ll always be there to helpand go over different plans and treatment options with them. Help people infamily find what’s best fits their needs and lives. Also being there to give anear when needed to talk.

And try to find them a sponsor so when they feel theneed to use they can call them and talk.



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