Characteristics of a Good Leader

Characteristics of a Good Leader Confidence: Believing in their own abilities is an essential trait of a good leader. Unless and until he has confidence in his abilities he will not be able to lead effectively. Character: A leader’s character plays a vital role in determining the effectiveness of his leadership.

Trustworthiness and honesty are the two important aspects of a leader’s character. Even a slight flaw in his character will lead to the followers, not believing in his ways. Therefore, he should follow all the set leadership principles. Communication: Effective communication is a vital leadership trait of a good leader.He should be able to put across what needs to be done and how. At the same time, he should be willing to accept relevant suggestions from his subordinates.

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He should have the ability to listen, question, analyze and observe effectively. He should believes that actions speak louder than words. Knowledge: Being highly knowledgeable about his field of work is an essential characteristic of a good leader. Only when he himself is thorough with his field of work, will he be able to guide, solve problems and queries and train his subordinates appropriately.

This is also a quality required for leadership development. Respect: A good leader does not demand or command respect, he earns it. Respect should not be restricted only from the followers to the leader, it needs to be mutual.

All team players should be respected and if the leader sets an example for this, the team will follow undoubtedly. This could be a vital characteristic of a strong leader. Vision: Being a good leader requires that the person is able to think, considering the future and giving it equal importance as the present.

He should be able to successfully convince his followers and make them understand the need for change, which will ultimately result in the achievement of their common goals. Attitude: Sporting a positive attitude, even in the worst of situations is a characteristic of a good leader. He should be able to instill the same in his followers, by appropriate motivation and problem solving techniques. The attitude of a leader is an important determinant in the successful overcoming of leadership challenges.

WHAT IS LEADERSHIP Leadership is when you lead somone or a group of people.There are two types of people in this world. One type is leaders and the other is followers. Leadership is not the same as “managing”. Managing is the job of making certain that people and budgets are focused to produce specific results. Managing is about getting results done, overcoming barriers, planning and execution, pushing and pulling when needed.

Not everyone can be a good manager but anyone can bring “leadership” to an organization. Sometimes leadership is from the coach and sometimes it’s from the players. Great leadership means bringing out the best and the extraordinary in those you’re working with.



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