Chem Terms in Relation to camp half blood

Cell Similes (Part two) Mitochondria: The solar panels in Camp Half-Blood take energy from the sun and transform it into electrical energy that the camp can use to power it’s facilities, Just as the mitochondria uses the nutrients in the cell from the food we eat and transforms them into ATP, the chemical energy used in cells. Ribosomes: The campers do the “work” of the camp by creating the swords in the forge, and are often found all around the camp grounds, in the forge, and fixing the solar panels.The campers are like ribosomes in the cell because ribosomes create proteins in the Rough ER, and are located in the cytoplasm, Rough ER, and Mitochondria. Golgi Apparatus: Dionysus, or as the campers call him, “Mr. D,” is in charge of the strawberry service the camp runs and the weapons that the campers make. He processes the swords and makes sure they are fit to send outside of the camp, and controls the exporting of the strawberries, Just as the Golgi Apparatus processes lipids and proteins before they exit the cell.Chloroplasts: The Kitchen/Dining pavilion is where the food is made using electrical energy and the unprocessed materials that are delivered to the camp.

This is like how the chloroplasts use solar energy and the nutrients that enter the cell to create sustenance for the cell. Cytoskeleton: The pathways between the different facilities in Camp Half-Blood both help give the camp it’s shape, and are the means of transporting all things in the camp, Just as the cytoskeleton holds the organelles in place and is a path of transport or everything in the cell.Cytoplasm: The camp grounds make up everything that is not a facility or a path in camp half blood.

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Everything is located inside the camp grounds, Just as all of the organelles are contained within the Cytoplasm. Central Vacuole: There is nothing mentioned in the Rick Riordan books about a storage area in Camp Half-Blood, but we assumed there was probably a shed-like storage area where un-cooked food, water, and possibly the trash the camp created before garbage pick-up (not in the same sections, of course).This shed would be like the Central Vacuole, because the central vacuole is the main storage area for the nutrients, water, and waste in a cell. Lipids: The lipids in the camp are the strawberries that are created without the help of campers in the strawberry fields, and transported over the paths to Dionysus, wnere ne makes sure tney are processed, Doxed, ana laoelea.

Inls Is Just Ilke lipids in the plant cells, which are created without ribosomes in the smooth ER and then transported along the cytoskeleton to the Golgi apparatus.Proteins: Another main export and part of the camp is the weapons and armor created in the forge by the campers using instructions given from the big house (specifically the oracle) and then taken to the Dionysus, who processes them and then allows them to be exported from the camp to the heroes and gods. The weapons are just like the proteins, which are created by the ribosomes in the rough ER using the information from the DNA, and then passed along the cytoskeleton to the Golgi apparatus before they exit the cell.

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