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Child Abuse is one thing that no kid wants to deal with. Child Abuse is physical, sexual, neglect, etc. harassment shown towards a child. In this research paper, I will be talking about how my research is related to child abuse in Forged By Fire, what are the types of child abuse, and why do people abuse children. Let’s jump right into this!In the novel, Forged By Fire, there were moments when Gerald and Angel were shown child abuse. I’m going to start off with Gerald. Gerald was shown physical abuse in the novel. Jordan, his father, would just kick, punch, slap, and slam Gerald as much as he could. One time, Gerald was knocked right in the face by Jordan and started bleeding. I can’t imagine being abused by my own father like that. Then, there was Angel. Before Gerald knew Angel, she was being physically abused by Jordan, too. That’s why Angel wore black clothes everyday to hide the marks and bruises caused by Jordan. Then, later on in the book, Angel was getting sexually abused by Jordan. He would come into her room, and touch her around her body. I would never allow anyone (except for my good parents and a doctor) to touch me around my body whenever they wanted to. Both kids were horribly abused during the novel.Based on research, there are a lot of types of child abuse. But, there are three main ones. They are called physical, sexual, and psychological abuse. Physical abuse is an act of causing injury or hurt to another person. Say if your own dad started beating you up for no reason, that is physical abuse. Next, sexual abuse is sexual behavior shown to someone who doesn’t like it and doesn’t want it. This is what happened to Angel in the novel,”Forged By Fire.” In my opinion, sexual abuse is by far the worst one of them all because you can kill the child or teen by doing it. Finally, psychological abuse is the act of terrorizing someone to then on give them stress, trauma, or anxiety. It’s like someone saying something really deep to you which makes you think about it and it makes you sad. Being strong and brave can help you through these types of child abuse.Through studies, there is no reason why people abuse children. “One in four girls and one in eight boys are sexually abused by the age of eighteen!” Adults abuse children because they might want to just do it for no reason, or just so the person can throw away their anger on the child. “Each year, at least 20 children are abused physically by adults!” One day, I wish and hope that there would be an end to all types of abuses all over the world so it can be a better and safer place to be living in.That is why I wanted to write about child abuse. I would always help out to anyone if they are being abused. So, I talked about how my research relates to Forged By Fire and to Gerald and Angel, what are the types of child abuse, and why do people abuse children. Abuse is a wrong thing, and I know for a fact that it will all end soon.

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