Child novel Forged by Fire will be used

Child abuse is harming a child in multiple ways that affects the child in a negative way. This could be mental or physical and sometimes both depending on what happens to the child . So, what is child abuse , child endangerment and how can a child report child abuse? To talk about the topic , the novel Forged by Fire will be used to show what child abuse is and what it did to the characters in the novel. First, let us talk about what child abuse is .Like what was previously said before, child abuse is mentally or physically affecting a child in a negative way. For example, in the novel when Gerald begins to live with his Mother and Jordan, he finds out that his younger step-sister, Angel, is being abused. She  is covered in bruises from her abusive father, Jordin Sparks. Monique also abused Gerald when he was young by leaving him alone for hours at a time along with harming him physically be hitting him and burning his hand . When Gerald is left alone , this is called , child abandonment and involves a child being neglected . A form of mental child abuse is when Jordan calls his children stupid and calls them names .  These are examples on physical and mental child abuse , but what is child endangerment ?Child endangerment is endangering the life of a child , for example driving while intoxicated with a child in the car. When Monique goes to jail for child abandonment and endangerment , this is because she left Gerald home alone with a lighter that he could harm himself with . Basically , child endangerment is putting a child’s life in danger . Child endangerment is something that puts the life a child in danger and could possibly end in the death of a child . Know that you know the different forms of child abuse , how can a child report it ?           If a child wants to report abuse, they can tell anyone they trust . In the novel, when Gerald goes to school to try and tell someone about Angel being abused , he tells Ron’s dad Mr.Washington who calls the cops and take Jordan to Jail . Telling another parent is not the only option that a kid has , because they can tell anyone they can trust. A child can tell a teacher , a friend , a police officer or anyone that can help the child . Overall , child abuse comes in many forms , but there are ways for a child to get help and be moved to a safe place .           Child abuse can be physical , mental or emotional and harms the child . Children can also suffer from endangerment and abandonment , but there are ways for them to get help. As long as the child has someone to trust , they can get help with things like this so there is always hope . Using the novel to show examples of child abuse , remember that child abuse is a really problem in the US and the rest of the world . By using what was provided to me , try to help a child if they are being abused and make sure to be aware of the signs of child abuse and read some of the articles down below to get more information on child abuse.



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