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Children nowadays are overweight, have low self esteem and have shorter lives due to medical problems caused by being overweight. Parents can be a key factor into their child’s health, the parents could provide a healthier snack option and take the screens away and have their child go do some psychical activity. You are considered obese when your weight is above 20% the normal weight for your age. There are a lot of different factors that contribute to childhood obesity, fast food, lack of exercise, television, and so forth. The real question is, how should we prevent early childhood obesity?
Childhood obesity, you hear it almost everywhere and it has turn into a joke. You see advertisements with the chubby little kid eating a donut and then the music gets scary and then the next shot we see is a grave with big bold letters saying “Prevent childhood obesity”. Childhood obesity has a psychological and emotional factors, there are so many different reasons on why a child is obese but one of the main causes of obesity is simply children eat too much and don’t exercise enough. (Okie, 2006)
There are a lot of factors that causes childhood obesity, the factors all work together, for example, a child could be watching tv instead of going outside for a bike ride, then the child could get hungry or bored so they would go into the kitchen and find the fast, high calorie junk food, and then go sit right back down on the couch. Parents are also a deciding factor, they are the ones who purchase the unhealthy, high calorie snacks and food. The parents should be lead by example when it comes to being healthy. Parents should be eating and buying fresh fruits and vegetables, they should also engage into some sort of psychical activity whether it’s running or just simply yard work.
Children who are overweight tend to have lower self esteem rates and also having low self respect, so the children who are overweight often bully other kids who are overweight to make themselves feel good. Being overweight can also impair their academic ability, because being overweight can cause nervousness and bad social skills, causing their academic grades to lower. If their academic grades lower the children will have less self respect and they can become depressed. All children need support, especially the ones who are overweight, they need more support when it comes to losing weight. All children should be reminded that their lives matter and they are important to this world. They are the future, and the children do not deserve to have hard lives because of something that is so easily prevented.
Parents play a key role when it comes to preventing childhood obesity, but also the schools are another key role. Parents should not let their children rot their brain by letting them sit on the couch all day playing video games or watching television. Childhood obesity can be preventable if the parents worked hard into getting their child to engage in some sort of psychical activity. Parents are significant factor to their child’s health, children depend on their parents for daily food intake and if the parent gets lazy or

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