Cities different factors within the city are interdependent.

Cities face a lot of challenges ranging from the availability of social amenities due to the growing population and structural safety to withstand naturally occurring calamities. The ability to plan the city infrastructure and to meet several security measures when constructing building helps in reducing a number of challenges that cities face.  The percentage of the society that lives in the cities is huge and it is driven by the desire for social, economic and political opportunities leading to the strain in resources. Therefore, this influences the way cities are planned and expanded to accommodate the ever-growing population of cities.

Integrated planning through the integrated approach is an ideal technique to curb making decisions under wrong assumptions.  The preference for an “economic” view should be replaced by a sustainable approach evoke the mid and long-term thoughts to influence the social, economic and political factors within cities.  The potential impact of decisions on the city is clearly analyzed through the integrated approach since different factors within the city are interdependent. This is driven by the realization that the ideal urban planning criteria begin from a regional and the metropolitan scale before proceeding to the large scale extending to the neighborhood scale. Therefore, the integrated approach helps in ensuring that all the constructions, development and infrastructure investments adhere to the large-scale expansion plans to help eradicate congestion and straining of the available resources. The realization that space within cities is scarce, the costs of construction high and straining of social amenities is high makes the integrated approach the ideal criteria and technique to curb the rising cases of unsustainable infrastructure within the city.

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Cities are long-term development entities that require sufficient planning before undertaking any changes as well as developments. The realization is important towards curbing the challenges that cities face due to poor planning and execution by preferring the integrated planning approach.

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