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Running Head: My Personal Classroom Management Plan Cassandra Russ Grand Canyon University Classroom Management EDU 430 December 20, 2010 Introduction By working as an assistance with the lead teacher in a classroom, I have a broad knowledge of how to connect with children on a more personal and professional basis. As a teacher I will be able to help change and impact my students’ lives by enlisting an effective classroom management plan. I will want my students to know that I will devote a nurturing, caring, and supportive environment that will give them confidence to succeed.Also I want my students to view me as someone supportive and being there for them and provide a safe and proficient classroom setting. With this I will present my classroom management plan for my classroom. 1.

Specify how you will present and conduct your self. As a teacher I will: A. Have an effective classroom procedures and consistency within the class.

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B. Be kind, courteous, tactful, and gentle, but firm. C.

Be in control and supervise my students’ actions. D. Be able to guide my students and give advice when asked. E. Be able to develop a discipline plan which I am comfortable with. lecture, 2010) F. Be enthusiastic about teaching my students. G.

Use positive speech, body language, and facial expressions. (lecture, 2010) H. Be an attentive listener towards the students. I.

Give praise often for a job well done. J. Have a trusting relationship with the students and their parents. By becoming a good teacher, he/she must always dress appropriately as a professional educator by presenting and conducting themselves in positive manner where the students are respected and they respect you, this will help the teacher be effective in teaching his/her class. . Specify behavioral goals for your students. As a new teacher I would like to have behavioral goals that are relevant to the students’ goals. Some behavioral goals I will set for my students are for them to: A.

To identify expectations that is set for student’s behavior. B. Be on time for class. C.

Raise their hands before speaking. D. Remain on task and complete assignment in allot time. E. Follow routines, instructions and directions in class. F. Show responsibility and be respective G.

Be polite and courteous to their peersH. Be cooperative and attentive To ensure the students to behave successfully the teacher must involve the students to where they will take responsibility and be accountable for his/her behavior. By implementing William Glasser choice theory, he states that it is “better to emphasize student behavior is determined by student choice, not teacher control” (Charles, 2010). 3. Describe the classroom conditions you will provide. In a classroom there are conditions a teacher should provide to promote student learning.

Some classroom conditions I will provide are: A. To position the desk where the teacher can see the door and being able to observe and monitor students at all times. B. To have traffic lanes and often used areas easily accessible and unobstructed. C.

Have classroom materials such as books and reference materials ready and available. D. Have effective and up to date equipment accessible. E. To have comfortable areas for learning and multiple activities centers. F.

The walls decorated with positive images, words and work created by students.G. Have instructional displays and presentations where students can see them. H.

Have efficient lighting. With effective classroom conditions, it will influence the students learning, their capability, and motivation to achieve successfully. Alfie Kohn suggests by having classroom conditions, the teacher can turn it into a learning community where the student can feel safe and cared about in class (Charles, 2010). 4. Specify how you would help students conduct themselves appropriately. In my class I would help my students by: A.Establishing rules at the beginning of the year B.

By having the students’ be accountable for inappropriate actions. C. Giving them ownership of their problems D. Have students collaborate together in a positive manner. E.

Working independently and quiet without distracting their peers. F. Using self control when confronted with different situations. G.

Showing respect for their peers and their property (GAE,2010) H. Using appropriate body language, tone and facial expressions at all times.By implementing Barbara Coloroso’s theory responsibility and inner discipline, this theory can help teach students to conduct themselves in an acceptable manner, and if they are able to do so they will acquire an inner sense of responsibility (Charles, 2010).

Ms. Coloroso gives steps in order for students to build up their self control by a process of using restitution, resolution, and reconciliation (Charles, 2010). 5. Indicate how you will intervene when misbehavior occurs. By having an effective classroom management practice skills the teacher will be able to intervene misbehavior by A.Monitoring the student frequently and carefully so misbehavior is detected early before any disruption occurs.

B. Moving closer to student giving a verbal or non verbal signal to stop behavior. C. Redirecting the student and stating what he/she should be doing and remind student of the rules and procedures. D. Separate the student and seat him/her by themselves to defuse any behavioral problems.

E. Making eye contact and calling the student name to stop behavior. F. Giving a bonus of free time if the student completes his/her assignment within limited time.G. Giving student a word of encouragement and praise (GAE, 2010) As a classroom teacher, we know some students misbehave to get the attention of the teacher and this is where we should use assertive discipline. By implementing the Canter’s approach on assertive discipline, it is a way for teachers to “take charge” in the classroom and enables the teacher to interact with students in a clam and consistent manner (Charles, 2010).

6. Think through and write out how you will introduce and explain the system to your students.The way I would introduce and explain the my system is first I would send home a letter to the parents before school starts introducing myself and letting the parents know I am looking forward to meeting their child and having him/her in my class. On the first day of school I will stand proud with a smile waiting to greet my students. As the students come to my class and is greeted, I will let them know that there name is on their assigned desk and the morning assignment is on the board. My students’ first assignment would be a short introduction of themselves where they would share with the class.Next I would begin my introducing myself to the class and giving a short history about me, my schooling, and what my hobbies are such as reading books and gardening.

I will tell them I am delighted to have each one in my class by giving eye contact and a smile. This will let them know they are in a safe environment and are cared for. Then I will give each student the opportunity to read their introduction and hobbies. After all the introductions among the class I would go over the rules routines and procedures of the class and the school policy.I would ask the students if they understand my expectations and if there are any rules they would like to contribute and if so they will be incorporated with the others. The rules will be posted on the wall and the students will also post them in their notebook. As a new teacher, you must introduce yourself with a smile and communicate positive expectations.

Conclusion As this class comes to a close, I have learned that no one approach works for a particular student. I think it is best to use a combination of various approaches when setting a classroom management plan.I think it is important that educators understand that one must be proactive and not reactive against the students. This class has broadened my knowledge of classroom strategies that will help me become an effective teacher. Reference Classroom Management1, Hands –On Approach Workshop (2010). Rules and Routines, Georgia Association of Educators; Tucker, Georgia Classroom Management1, Hands –On Approach Workshop (2010).

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M. (2008), Building Classroom Discipline (10th Ed. ) Lee and Marlene Canter (pg. 72-73) Boston: Pearson Education Lecture Module 8, Personal Philosophy of Classroom Management


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