Climate to the warming water the species could

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Last updated: June 6, 2019

Climate change is a change in the usual weather in an world or the change in the worlds usual temperature. This change is caused by us,humans. When we drive cars,cook or use electrical appliances, all these things require energy. The energy is created when we burn fossil fuels. Burning fossil fuels also creates massive amounts of greenhouse gases which are released into the air.

The greenhouse gases traps heat from the sun causing the air the heat up. This causes climate change. Climate change has many unpleasant effects on the environment such as warming the oceans or shrinking ice sheets. This could affect many marine animals living the ocean.

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If unable the adapt to the warming water the species could face the threat of extinction. The shrinking ice sheets causes a rise in water levels never seen before. This could cause once great coastal cities to be underwater in a matter of years. This would cause millions of people to lose their jobs and homes ,and cause billions of dollars worth of damage.

Climate change has also led to more extreme weather events such as hurricanes, tsunamis and earthquakes. These natural disasters have killed people in the tens of thousands and destroyed the homes of millions of people. Climate change have also caused an increase in ocean acidity killed millions of marine animals every year. Impacting the oceanic ecosystem drastically. As the temperatures continue to rise this to lead to severe heat droughts.

These heat droughts could cause an increase in crop failures leading to a mass starvation. Climate change has lead to the extinction of many species of animals. Affecting all land,air and sea animals. The warming of the planet has caused the ice caps to shrink impacting the lives of arctic creatures. For example some polar bears starve as they are unable to find food due to the shrinking of their natural habitat. Marine animals have also been affected from the increasingly warmer and more acidic waters.

This causes the deaths of many plant and animal species greatly affecting the marine ecosystem. Climate change if not taken care of soon could affect the lives of billions of people and cause trillions of dollars worth of damage. It will also cause the extinction of thousands of species while greatly damaging our world. Therefore we must do something to stop this problem before it’s too late. We could take public transport instead of driving cars.

We could even go as far as to eat less meat. Remember, everyone plays a part.


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