Clinical responsibility to maintain an ethical framework so

Clinical research since its inception has generated great controversy because of the ethical implications that this entails. Worldwide, clinical research studies have accelerated progress to improve the quality of life of people proposing innovative treatments academically approved. It should be noted that the personnel in charge of the management and the development of these must be trained in the regulatory processes and in the ethical principles that this involves.
Thus, in recent decades, the Nurse has been coordinating clinical studies, a role that is of real importance and responsibility, because it must promote and guarantee the defense of the fundamental rights of the individuals who participate, and also, assume the responsibility to maintain an ethical framework so that the development of the study guarantees the welfare and benefit in the management of the disease process and the respect of the participants.
Nursing research is defined as a scientific process that validates and improves existing knowledge and generates new knowledge that influences nursing practice, directly or indirectly. With the incorporation of studies in any area of our profession, the role and professional competencies of nursing have evolved towards an autonomous, responsible position with a specific field of knowledge (Parahoo, 2014).
This work aims to raise awareness in nursing about the importance of research for the development of the profession and the benefits it brings. Identify her role in research as a professional nurse. Through research we can demonstrate the evolution of healthcare practice, we encourage professional autonomy and independent role, we achieve that it becomes clear in interdisciplinary teams and that users and society perceive it.

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