Cloud infrastructure to maintain. Useful for rapid innovation,

Cloud  computingCloud computing, Internet -Based computing 1 one store and access data and programs via theInternet. Customers computing as a service is one ofthe resources that provide the fastest way. Cloud computing rentingcustomer service online or not to install them. Cloud architecture identified solutions 4 there arethree different deployment models.·       Private cloud: private sector organizations and organizations usingor on site or off, or possibly third- Cloud is operated by the party Infrastructure.·       Public cloud: cloud can be used by the general public infrastructure.

 Usually MicrosoftAmazon or Google of such enterprises is owned by them.·       Community cloud: cloud shared tissue of some specific requirements orconcerns shared by Is theinfrastructure.·       Hybrid cloud: cloud infrastructure The above probability of applications and data toenable 3 One is inthe combination of deployment model (Illango,s.

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, Ali, k , Dimi trios And Dimi trios / l and).Cloud & Computing architectureCloud Computing 3 has three main models. Other services themodel.Ø Software as a service (SaaS),Ø Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)Ø Platform as a service (PaaS):Service (SaaS) As a software : Top layers of cloud computingSaaS The SaaS Are available to customers through a network, andexecuted on a server provided by the provider Web- -Based / On – Demand / Host Also referred to as software.

 It delivery modelor platform to expand applications via the Internet as a service, and providesconsumers with the ability to use the provider’s application. Access tothis application, security, availability, and performance such as email providers given the thin clients Interface through a variety of clients you can access from the device. This software data perform tasks related to storage, transfer and backup,very low cost ( Beer , Hocenski Z PopovicK. V. . ) In business software provides a service.

 “SaaS ofcertain characteristics is as follows.·       Multi Tennant, Architecture: ” Common code base andinfrastructure to maintain. Useful for rapid innovation, vendordevelopment and save time it is.·       Easy customization: application is affecting the common ground that arecustomized according to customer. All of the customizations maintainduring the upgrade of a unique low customer risk and adaptation costs for allcustomers.

·       SaaS use consumer Web: SaaS application web interface, Amazon and Yahoo On is very similar. Click and is easy tocustomize with point.·       SaaS of trends: manyorganizations are Sip (SaaS integration platform) of actively developing. Software adaptation isalso called the third wave as a platform for critical applications (sales force).”Service (IaaS) As the intermediate layer of cloud computinginfrastructureInfrastructure Service (IaaS) as a virtualized hardware, computing is alayer of single tenants are also referred to as infrastructure. IaaS the software, hardware, and storage servers and other infrastructure, Hosting component, on behalf of the user third- party providers are included.

 Providing virtual space,network connectivity and bandwidth are included ,IP address and load balancer and consumers to expand the Applicationand operating you can run software that contains thesystem. Network cloud provider ( Margaretr.) , Will provide the financial flexibility and greatlyminimize any huge investment and many data managed Will be distributed in the Center. Companyperforms without any kind of hardware features it provides. Applicationsthat are deployed in the consumer and operating systems (Dimi trios Z. , Dimi trios and l.) Can be controlled.

 Following the National Agencyfor property as follows.·       Scalable: it can be to adjust the on-demandscalability. Ideal for temporary, so that changing any experiment orestimated workload (Margaret.).·        No single point of failure: number of hardware a widerange of services is unchanged if there is any failure due to resource andredundant configurations,·        Location independence: all 1 one is must be an active Internet connection fromanywhere to access cloud Security Protocol “(IaaS is).Service (PaaS) As a platform : Cloud Layer in computingPaaS , Provides the environment for the Platform stands asa service, platform and developers to build applications and services that youcan deploy cloud base on. Software applicationuses the tools provided by your provider, you can create.

 Customers cansubscribe to the of has to choose from that meet the requirements.Serviceis always upgraded on the existing and additional features. PaaS offers software and web developer can get companies to develop their owninternal software. The consumer cloud infrastructure (Dimi trios Z. , Dimi trios And l.) Takeadvantage of if you are not using the service for controlling, as thedeveloper’s workstation can be.Featuresare as follows.

·       ” Investment in the physical infrastructure: Can be used as a platform for creating software andapplications do not have to buy all the infrastructure can install orrent. Reduces unnecessary costs to be able to service customers, they needto borrow.·        Flexible it according to the requirements of the tools andfeatures Give control back to the customer on a platform installed “.·       Adaptation: can change based on the situation and made easy toupdate the.

·       Virtual team: across the various locations of the developers, thatcan be used together in the same application” (What is PaaS)Characteristicsof cloud computingCloud computing is one of the most promising emergingtechnology that can handle some issues there. Belo is the characteristicsof some of the clouds listed calculations.FlexibilityComputing without any human interaction, You can specify a resource. Feature that quicklyscale upimmediately, you can specify the automatically.ScalabilitySet limits on infrastructure change, you can run thesoftware.

 It can be extended to the horizontal and vertical directions.



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