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Cloud Computing has brought in a revolution in the world of Information Technology. In the early 2000’s to be able to run any applications, users had to download them as a software onto their local computer. With the evolution of Cloud, users can store the same downloaded applications onto the cloud server and access them. Cloud computing is a boon to the business organizations. The companies are now able to store their data on the cloud. This saves them a ton of money. Cloud Computing has its additional advantages in every sector of the organisation. I have come across a number of articles which speak about cloud computing in business organisations. The articles which interested me the most include the adaptation of the cloud computing in the business organisation and how suitable the cloud computing is for a particular organisation.The first article explains the important factors which influence the need to adopt the cloud computing into small to large scale enterprises. In order to keep up with the developing economy, the companies are forced to adopt the new system to able to compete in the market. Companies using the old systems are usually laid back and are hesitant to adapt the new technological advancements. The reasons are usually not having a good internet connection, lack of awareness , not being able to trust the new system and also having the confusion if their existing system would work the same way in the new system or not. Surveys and questionnaire were conducted to see how users have adapted the cloud computing in their daily life. To conclude the article explains the challenges the companies faced and also how happy they are once once they have adapted it completely. The second article discusses the strategies and the significance of the cloud computing in business organisations and also the pre requisites a company should have to be able to adapt cloud computing. ASP aka Application Service Provider has provided a number of cloud delivery models. The management has to make decisions as too which model is suitable for the company and which would benefit the structure in an economical way. The Return on Investment (ROI) is discussed on a large scale. A traditional method of the cost- benefit analysis is laid upon with the technical and the management team. All these factors are taken into consideration before finalising if the cloud computing is beneficial for the company or not. 

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