College athletes getting paid

The first college sporting event was in 1852.

It was a rowing competition between the Yale and Harvard rowing teams. Since then college athletics have grown into multi- million dollar industries. In 2008 the University of Alabama made the most money with their athletic program – making a total profit of $123,769,841. The athletes themselves did not receive any of the money the school made on the sales. College sports are also widely watched online and on television which allows additional people to view them from anywhere.The agencies that broadcast the sporting events ust pay to broadcast it; this brings even more profit to the college that the athletes never see. College athletes should be paid a salary in addition to the scholarship that they get for a sport.

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In some cases,a college’s athletic program is its main source of income. For example they can make money on selling items that show the athletes’ names or pictures on them; they sell tickets to the sporting events; and they get many donations from alumni and other fans and companies which want to support the athletes.Even though the colleges make money on all these things, they share one of it with the athletes. If it were not for the athletes, the school would not make money on any of those things. The college would not suffer financially if they gave each athlete a small salary in addition to their scholarship. The salary might make the athlete happier about playing the sport and they would try harder while playing or practicing. The practices or training that are required of the players consume most of their time – even in the off season they still have some sort of training.Another good reason that athletes should be paid a salary in addition to their scholarship is that he sport they play takes time away from being able to work.

Most of the time the athlete’s sport takes up most of their time not spent in class which leaves no time to study if they have to work a Job to help support themselves. If the athlete does not have time to study, they are at risk of losing their scholarships. On the other hand, if they have no time to work, how does the college expect them to support themselves if they are living far away from home?In my research I found a quote from a coach to his player that said, “If you’re going hungry, too bad, you’re not the only ones. ” (Bob Stoops). This quote explains the thinking of college leaders who don’t believe athletes should be paid for what they do.

If the athletes got paid a small salary in addition to their scholarship, they would not need to work on the side and it would provide them more time to study which would improve their grades. The athletes use most of their time to represent their college or sport and the college uses their name without giving them any recognition.The final and biggest reason that college athletes should be paid is that the colleges use the athletes’ names in so many ways and the athletes get none of the money made off these items.

For example West Virginia University sold Jerseys that had Tavon Austin’s last name and number on it. These jerseys were sold for $50 each. Mr. Austin received no recognition for how much money the school made by selling these and also never received any of the money made.This is only one of many things that colleges do to make money off of the outstanding athletes that are part of their athletic programs. They use their names to sell tickets into games and many other sports-related sales. The admission price to people, that is $2,400,000 dollars they would make – not including the seats that are closer which cost a lot more. The main reason some ofthe fans go is to see their favorite athlete play and the athletes gets none of the money raised from the tickets.

In conclusion there are many reasons college athletes should be paid for the things they do and the time they put into making their sport what it is. Even though colleges use their name to make thousands – if not millions – of dollars on the items they sell. Colleges also make millions on selling tickets for their sporting events that would not exist if it weren’t for the athletes.

Overall college athletes should be paid a salary in addition to their scholarships for Just being an outstanding athlete.



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