College interdisciplinary inquiry and pedagogy. In all the

College of ScienceTheVisionTo achieve international distinctionfor creativity, innovation, and excellence. The Dean of Science is dedicated tocultivating a teaching and research environment which reflects the higheststandards of our disciplines, and to undertaking ventures in new areas ofinterdisciplinary inquiry and pedagogy. In all the departments, we continue tostrive for a balance between the best traditions of Science and the new formsof knowledge emerging within and at the intersections of disciplines. Bylearning from the past and pressing issues facing our global world today, wepromote advances in knowledge that make innovative, positive differences in thediverse lives of our students.TheMissionTheCollege of Science focuses on learning as a power of positive change. Groundedin principle and arranged toward practice, we are a group of learners affectingthe field of Science, the lives of our students, and the communities we serve.The greater part of our programs and majors are based on a strong ethicalfoundation.

The primary motivation behind our College of Science is the beliefthat there are always changes when you have an education. This will open newdoors for creativity. We are a group of intellectual inquiries with enthusiasm forlearning and for helping others to learn. We strive to give enthusiastic,creative individuals to pick up the tools they need to inspire learners andeffectively add to the development of Science. We are working to deliver,innovative individuals with a motivating environment in which they can developtheir interests, use their tools to effectively add to the advancement ofScience, and become active within the field and themselves. College of Scienceoffers seven majors based on a four-year program to become well-rounded,knowledgeable learners that will become successful in today’s world and thefuture.

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The College of Education offers the degree programs listed below.B.Sc (Hons) Computer Sciences B.Sc (Hons) Biology B.

Sc (Hons) Chemistry B.Sc (Hons) Physics B.Sc (Hons) Math and IT B.Sc (Hons) Math B.Sc (Hons) Math and ScienceDepartmentsDepartmentof BiologyBiologyis the study of life.

We are a serious department with great opportunities forinterested learners. Our individuals conduct research in differing life scienceareas. Our programs give a rich involvement in numerous regions of Biology. TheDepartment of Biology covers many topics starting from basics principles allthe way to advanced principles. Our Department of Biology is critical since itteaches us to comprehend and welcome humankind’s place in nature and everythingelse that is living around us. It additionally helps us to understand ourselves– both in wellbeing and in illness.

Our Department emphasizes on evolutionaryconcepts such as highlighting the adaptations changes in different systems ofmajor plants and animals groups. Our Department offers weekly lab sessions thatinvolve lab components and field activities.?Download Four Years Tableplan?Download Four Years PlanDetails Departmentof ChemistryWithinthe Department of Chemistry, our goal is to investigative information throughfinding and educating. We make every effort to give our learners an educationthat is above standard.

Our successful learners will use the advancements andcontribute to the community. Our classes and hands-on laboratories provide ourgraduates with excellent problem-solving skills. Our Department offers numerouscourses for those wishing to specialize in Chemistry, as well as other coursesfor those who desire to learn more about Chemistry. The program introduces thefundamental principles of chemistry, Kinetics, Properties of Solids, Liquids,Gases, Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Atomic Chemistry, InorganicChemistry, and Thermodynamics.?Download Four Years Tableplan?Download Four Years PlanDetails Departmentof PhysicsPhysicsis everywhere around us. The people of this Physics Department are engaged inexperimental and theoretical research. Our classes and hands-on laboratoriesprovide our graduates with excellent problem-solving skills. Our Department isdedicated to the strong tradition of the University of Erbil, strivinginnovative courses within our program.

The program introduces many fundamentalprinciples of physics such as Mechanics and Electricity, Linear Momentum,Impulse and Collisions, Work, Energy, Power, Machines, Circular Motion,Harmonic Motion, Fluid Mechanics, Science of Materials, Thermal Physics,Optics, Waves, Earth Science, Astronomy, Atomic and Nuclear Physics.?Download Four Years Tableplan?Download Four Years PlanDetails Departmentof Math and ITTheDepartment of Math and IT offers courses specifically designed to guidestudents in their studying of both subjects. The Depart of Math and IT developslearners’ mathematical reading and reasoning as well as their scientificskills. The subjects offered are logic, geometry, pre-calculus, business math,algebra, probability and statistics, finite elements, and numerical methods.

Our department aims at providing students with an advanced level of knowledgein IT. The program introduces the learners to the world of computers andcomputing. Our staff teaches artistic computer applications such as imageprocessing and the concept of multimedia while offering hands-on algorithmsillustrating how they are coded, debugged, and tested.

Many other subtopics includeComputer Applications, Computer Systems, Problem-Solving, Multimedia, ImageProcessing, Media Arts, Programming, the Internet, Database, HTML, JavaScript,Computer Hardware, System Architecture, Network Technology, SoftwareEngineering, and System Analysis.?Download Four Years Tableplan?Download Four Years PlanDetails Departmentof Math and SciencesTheDepartment of Math and Science allows our graduates to go through a rigorousprogram that prepares them for a successful future not only in their universitybut also in their workplace. Our graduates will not only advance themselvesregarding knowledge but will give back to their community. Our program coversall the main concepts of biology such as cell structure, cell function,metabolism, energy transformation, genetics, evolution, anatomy, and physiologyof plants.

Our graduates will be proficient in general chemistry, organicchemistry, geometry, pre-calculus, and physics.ART101: Interpreting Creative MediaThis course introduces strategies for interpreting creative media, includingliterature, music, art, and film. By focusing on subject, form, and content,and by examining the relationship between representation and its contexts, thecourse develops key critical skills to enable the analysis of various creativemedia in their right, in comparison to other works of art, and within specificsocieties.?Download Four Years Tableplan?Download Four Years PlanDetails  

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