Color etc. GREEN on the first impression,

Color is the most important element of design and art. Every colors
create many moods in home by communicating many feelings such as exciting,
energetic, passionate, erotic or mystery. Color changes the meaning of every
word or picture. In the end, people always respond to the “color” of any
interior and exterior space.

 In general, below mentioned
colors create different effects in the designed space which were as follows:

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RED is the color
associated with feelings that are energetic, passionate, anger and love.
This  Magical and religious color is
almost favorite to almost every second person. The other side of red
color also evokes aggressive feelings or violence etc.

GREEN on the
first impression, suggests nature and stability. Green is an  energetic hue which is the best for kid’s
room. On contrary terms, green in some tones depict decay and toxicines.

YELLOW is  happiness and sunshine
color. This color is so optimistic that it can be only used to create our joys
and celebrations.

 Blue suggests loyality, faith,&
formality etc. It also convey a sense of trust, elegance as well. Blue color
also signifies open spaces in layout plans. On its negative grounds, it
suggests sadness & anxiety too.


In Interiors, color should always be the supporting element of
designed space of the every human in their home,so we should  always set the color plan for every room.
Obiviously, people feel comfortable with color of their personalities.An
energetic person feel happier in the shades of red or orange colored room. However,
a timid person never feel good in  red
colored room but  feel good and healthy
in rooms with colors of pastel blues or lighter shades of green. No single
shade of any hue will  ever content
everyone but every interior designer must 
opt for  those colors which will soothe
them to match the  goals of all client . I
hope, while designing any interior space,this will really help everyone in
selecting the color.

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