Com 156 Assignment Week 2

The topic for my final project is: Credit scores are a fair measure to help lenders estimate potential risk. Credit lenders take a big risk in borrowing large sums of money to people, so that’s why a credit check is taken in order to prove to the lenders you will be a responsible person and can afford to pay back what you borrow.

My points of views for this topic are the people who already have a loan and people who are considering a loan for the first time. Also how to prepare yourself to get approved for a loan, and what to expect after you have the loan.I will like to organize my paper with useful information and provide pros and cons on loans, and what types of lenders are available to you. In my paper I plan to give out as much important information needed instead of extra information. There is allot to write about banks (lenders) and people credit score.

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This will be a persuasive essay so I need to keep my opinions out and provide facts. After the reader is done with my paper my goal is to be a guidance in providing facts to so the reader can make the right decision when it comes to getting a loan, have a loan, what Lenders, etc.I don’t know allot about lenders or loads right off the top of my head, but after this final paper is done and complete I will also have a better understanding how credit companies works, and what they expect from you.

This will be an interesting and fun final paper for me. The course material has help me have a better view on how to organize and start off my paper. I had this issue before, but now I think I will be ready more than ever.



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