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Tina Green Com156 February 17, 2011 Debrah Manning Use of Definitions/Compare and Contrast Paragraphs In the final essay I will use definitions and compare and contrast. Using definitions and compare and contrast will attract the reader’s attention. Definitions will define words that the reader’s may not know. When comparing the topic “Renting an Apartment versus Buying a House” will let the reader’s know the similarity of both. When contrasting the topic “Renting an Apartment versus buying a house will let the reader’s know the difference.If I decide not to use definitions and compare and contrast, the essay may attract the reader but will leave questioning at the end of the essay.

The reader’s will want to know why should they rent an apartment or why should they buy a house. They will also want to know what the similarities and differences. If the topic is strong enough using definitions and compare and contrast, the reader’s are satisfied. It will determine their answer to rent an apartment or to buy a house.To discover compare and contrast, I will draw some overlapping circles; there is one circle for each item I will consider. The central area where they overlap, I will list the characteristics of renting an apartment and buying a house that are similar. Then I will assign each one of the subjects that do not overlap; in these areas, I can list the characteristics that make renting an apartment and buying a house different.

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Example: Left side of the circle is the renting an apartment comparison. It lists fewer utilities and flexibility.The center part of the circles lists the similarities of both renting an apartment and buying a house. Finally the right side of the circle lists the contrasts of buying a house. In this assignment I will provide a comparison and contrast of the topic “Renting an Apartment is an option than Buying a house. When people rent an apartment or buy a house, they will have to pay a deposit before they move in.

Although renting an apartment has a lower deposit, buying a house has a larger amount to move in.Renting an apartment provides flexibility whereas owning a house has no flexibility. Owning house gains equity whereas renting an apartment does not have equity. The owner of the house has a tax deduction at the end of the year whereas renting does not. The owner has to pay an interest rate loan and must have homeowners insurance.

In contrast the tenant has an option to obtain apartment insurance and does not have to pay for an interest rate loan (This is an example of a compare and contrast). Using compare and contrast in my essay is applicable.The thesis of my comparison and contrast essay is extraordinarily important: it can help me create a focused argument and give key-points so the reader does not get lost in the points of view I will make. In the essay, I will replace vague reports of the topic (for example, “This essay will compare and contrast buying a house,” or ” renting an apartment and buying a house are similar in some ways and different in others,” or “renting an apartment and buying a house are similar in many ways, but they have some primary differences”) with something further comprehensive and precise.


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