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Communication is something we use every day, sometimes without even realizing. The ability to communicate effectively is a fundamental skill in today’s world with the way you communicate positively or negatively affecting your work and life relationships. Effective communicators stand out against decent communicators by getting their point across with their targeted audience or audiences and being able to get the audience to see their point of view on a situation. Effective communicators are confident but not cocky, don’t take themselves too seriously, get personal, and know what they are talking about. I think that Michelle Obama is a great example of a good modern day communicator because she uses all of the skills of a good communicator in her speeches.

When public speaking, good communicators are always confident, but not cocky. If the speaker is nervous, the audience will be able to tell and will lose interest in the speech. If the speaker is too confident or comes off too strong, they will come off as cocky to the audience. The speaker always wants to be confident because according to ELITE DAILY https://www.

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order now  “Everyone respects a person with confidence because, with it, you are basically investing your heart and soul into something you feel passionately about.” During her speeches, Michelle Obama radiates confidence and the audience is drawn into her speech by that confidence. She has great confidence but not no much to come off as cocky to her audience. Being confidence but not cocky is one of the elements good communicators use during their speeches or just in their everyday lives. A good communicator never takes themselves too seriously.

Showing others that you can’t do everything by yourself and are open to their ideas helps the listener connect more with the speaker and will help them see the topic of the speech from their view. According to resorcefulmanagment “They check their egos at the door, realizing they are just one person and not a superhero.

” People are more open to talking and listening to people who are more humble and are like them. During her speeches, Michelle Obama always includes perfectly timed jokes that either poke at her or her husband and it helps the audience remember that she is a person just like them.    When speakers talk about their personal lives, it establishes a personal connection by focusing on how their message may impact the other person. According to https://www. “Most of the time, people don’t care about what you’re saying unless you’re saying something they find valuable on a personal level.” The personal connection that the speaker makes shouldn’t be deep but it should exist and be noticeable to the listener. Michelle Obama always links back her topic to her family or she talks about how the topic she is speaking about effects her or her family. Establishing a personal connection will give the listener a reason to listen to the speaker and remember what they said.Obviously, speakers have to know what they are talking about. If a speaker doesn’t know about the topic they are speaking about, listeners will get bored and will lose interest.

In order to really show the audience that you know what you’re talking about, you must gather background knowledge and insight into the topic in order to earn the listeners respect and attention. Michelle Obama comes to her speeches well prepared and always is knowledgeable about the topic she’s speaking about. Even though she has a script, it’s obvious that she sometimes goes off script and provides additional information.  People won’t listen to you if they don’t think that you brought your A-Game. Being a good communicator in modern times is a big deal as it will help you stick out from everyone else. If you are a good communicator, you will build better and more rewarding relationships with your bosses or anyone in general. Good communication is necessary to be able to be able to distribute and receive information accurately and quickly.

With the qualities of being confident but not cocky, never taking you too seriously, getting personal, and knowing what you’re talking about, you can be a good communicator in your work environment or just in day to day conversations.  Michelle Obama uses all of those qualities in her speeches  


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